My Writing

I have a variety of writing projects that I am working on. As when I read, I can never have just one - I have to have multiple books and projects at a time. I don't know why, I just seem to work better that way. You'll notice very quickly that the children's books have recurring character!

Non-Fiction Project(s)

Untitled - I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work on a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be writing about one of my heroines. I only hope I can do her story justice and show the world who she was, with all the legends and myths brushed to the side.

Plantagenet Series - I would like to do a series on various Plantagenet rulers, primarily the early kings. This is not something that is even in draft form yet, but scattered scribblings on loose-leaf paper and note cards.

Children's Books

The Adventures of Elfanor and Barnabas - This is a children's book I am working on inspired by, of course, my little monkey Eleanor. It is about a little girl and her teddy bear and some of the 'adventures' they go on. Various toys and such 'come to life' on these adventures.

Eleanor, in Edinburgh - Naturally I would combine two things I love very much - my daughter, and Scotland. I came up with this idea when thinking about the ridiculous ways parents spell their baby names these days. I am marginally guilty of this, as I spelled Eleanor's middle name 'Edin' instead of 'Eden', because I thought it might border on child abuse to name her 'Eleanor Edinburgh'. Anyway, without giving away too many details, it is about a little girl and her mom seeing the sites of this beautiful city that the little girl is named for.

Eleanor, in Europe - See - a recurring character! My idea for this one revolves around Eleanor (and her mom, again) venturing to all the places that still exist that are connected to Eleanor of Aquitaine, who the little girl is also named for. 

Young Adult Book

The Basketball Murders (working title) - This is a monstrosity I started writing in HIGH SCHOOL. I was super into Fear Street and the Scream movies and all that, so I wrote my own murder mystery. This thing went everywhere with me, I have tons of notes and such related to it, and to this day I am still working on making it an actual working book. With the Fear Street books, you have to have a certain amount of suspended belief to keep reading - kids die at school, and life goes on as normal? Check! Seemingly supernatural killer(s)? Check! As much as I loved those books, I am looking to make this one a little more believable. That's why I have been writing and editing and rewriting for 17 years now. Of course, I have not worked on it continuously, but I have a great love for this one and would someday at least like one published copy for myself. Currently, it revolves around a high school basketball team and their group of friends, who mysteriously start dropping like flies and the only clue at each scene is a deflated basketball with a knife through it. It is full of twists and turns and half the time I forget who the killer(s) is/are because I have rewritten and worked on it for so long.


  1. Your children's book projects sound full of fun adventures! I love the Elfanor character name - super cute :) I was super into Goosebumbs when I was in elementary school and then loved the Scream movies when they came out later. I'm still very much into horror movies and suspense. I think that your idea for creating a book like this for young adult is awesome! It's amazing that you started this in high school and are continuing to work on it to date. I would love to read your books whenever you finished!

  2. Thank you! It still needs a lot of work, some parts are just too unbelievable. Maybe you can be a Beta reader for me before I get up the courage to submit it to any agents! It has been a while since I have done any substantial work on it. When I did last work on it, I was really focused on adding scenes and fleshing out some of the secondary characters who, otherwise, were basically just there to be killed.

    I am most excited about the projects related to Eleanor, because they are fun and all about my sweetie. Plus "going" to all the places that Eleanor of Aquitaine lived would be amazing - something we are going to do for real when Eleanor is old enough to understand/appreciate it. I can't wait to do that, and take her to Edinburgh for real also.

    1. That sounds amazing! When she gets older, I think that Eleanor will truly value these books and the experiences with you! I think that it is so special!

    2. I hope so. My plan is, even if the books never get published in a traditional sense, I will at least have copies for her to have as keepsakes. But of course, the ideal would be that they would sell a billion copies and college would be paid for, as would grade school and pretty much anything she ever wanted to do :)

  3. You're writing, reading and reviewing books, and you're a Mother? Holy moley! My hat goes off to you. I hope your projects pan out.

    1. Thank you! I am so excited about my children's books because they allow me to combine all the things I love most - my daughter, reading/research, writing and travel! I have found a few new agents through Writer's Digest via Twitter, so I hope that these will eventually see the light of day. Thank you for your support!