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  1. Hi Sarah I just listened to your podcast review of St. Marks Is Dead: The Many Lives of America's Hippest Street
    by Ada Calhoun. First of all it was great to hear your lovely voice and accent. Second I'd never heard of St Marks Place or Ada Calhoun. So both were a revelation to me. It was obvious from your presentation that you really enjoyed this book. As a listener I found your enthusiasm for the book made me curious to know more about both St Marks Place and the author. Would you say this book falls in the genre of a "biography" of a place? Or is it more of a memoir of the author's experiences of St Marks Place? Or maybe both? Congratulations and best wishes for your future podcasts! John

  2. Thank you for your comment John! This is definitely a biography of St Marks Place. Ms. Calhoun does share her own experiences, but they are not central to the book. I highly recommend it and am glad you are interested!