Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Reading Update!

Have not been able to post much because I am just hitting a wall with some of these books lately! I don't know if I am just getting pickier, or I picked that many duds, but UGH! Plus, summer is winding down and I am finding that I like snuggling with Eleanor during nap time more than I like reading a book that makes me fall asleep.

There is one week left in the OPL Summer Reading and I am at over 220 hours of reading! I also am at 48 books, when my goal was 40, so, win.

I also found out a week and a half ago that the Ralston library also does a program, but it ends this weekend. Theirs is run differently, as it is not online so you have to physically going into the library to submit your book reviews to them. I asked if I was able to include the books I had read recently for the OPL program and they said yes! I submitted a bunch of reviews for a prize pack that includes a Monsters, Inc puzzle and a family pass to the Durham, so fingers crossed that baby E and I win that one!

As for my year long Goodreads goal, I am currently at 171 books, well on my way toward 200!

I have decided this year to not up goals if I met them before the deadline was up. I had to keep doing that last year and thought this year I would just set what I thought was doable and if I go beyond that goal, great, it will give me a good idea for next year!

Happy Reading!

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