Saturday, December 12, 2015

Confession: I Am A Book Snob

I must say: I am a book snob.

I mean this because for the longest time, I refrained from buying an e-reader. I knew if I ever gave in and purchased one, it would be a Kindle (I did finally, just a few months ago). But it was not a decision I came to lightly. I went back and forth with myself for a long time, over six months at least. Finally around Mother's Day my own mom said to me, "You never do anything for yourself, just buy it already!"

So, I did.

I instantly regretted it and barely used it for the first three months I had it. Like I said, I'm a book snob.

This changed when I began using NetGalley more. If you are not familiar with it, NetGalley is a wonderful website where I get many of the titles I review, which allows hundreds of publishers and authors to connect with readers by sending out ARCs (advanced reader copies) in order to get feedback on a book before it is published. The issue I was having is that I would download the numerous titles I was approved for to my laptop, but the files expire after 55 days. You can always re-download the title, until it is archived. Once it is archived, you no longer have access. However, by downloading the titles to my Kindle, I have aces to them indefinitely. So, there was my first incentive to actually use the device.

Then, I discovered another website I really love:

On the website you are able to customize your recommendations with genres that interest you and get a daily email about titles that are available at low cost - usually for a limited time. Personally, I will not spend more than $1.99 on a title - $2.99 ONLY if it is one that would cost me much more to check out through the Inter-Library Loan System from OPL. I have gotten so many titles for free, even titles that have been lingering on my Goodreads to read list for ages, mainly because OPL does not have them and I can't afford to use ILL on a regular basis. is another website that operates much in the same way. I have not had as much luck with that one though, as it seems geared more towards fiction. I rarely find a non fiction title I am interested in, but I continue to peruse it anyway.

While I am always fond of new books, of being the only owner, of not having books covered in the previous owner's cat's hair, etc. I know I read far too many books to ever be able to afford to feed my habit. So, I am on a first name basis with many librarians at my favorite branch in OPL - Swanson. So is Eleanor, too. And while I try to keep her corralled in the children's section, luckily the librarians think nothing of it when they see her streaking like a bolt of lightning across the tiled floor to hide among the stacks.

Still, I find I can not stay away from another favorite establishment - Half Price Books. I have found some fantastic gems here, especially in the last year. I am collecting all the non fiction texts about Eleanor of Aquitaine that I can find to give to my little lady when she is older, and I have found many in great condition here. Not to mention, I one day met a man here who is the husband of Queen Eleanor's multiple-greats grand daughter. It was a pretty amazing moment.

So, what about you? Are you a book snob like myself, or are you inseparable from your e-reader? Do you stalk the stacks of the library, or cram shelves full of books that you just have to have from Books-a-Million or Barnes and Noble?


  1. I'm a book snob. I love to have actual books in my hands to read... And while I will occasionally read on my iPad... It's just not the same. I do love half price books and I use the library as well, but there is something about owning a book and holding it your hands, smelling the pages..... Ahhhh. Happiness!!!

    1. Agreed, it is just a feeling holding the book. My Kindle is convenient, especially if I am laying in bed reading, since it would hurt less if I dropped it on my face :)

      I wish I could buy all the books I have read just this year even (except for the awful ones of course!) but I don't have the space. or the money. And if I had the money, I could afford the space. ha!

      Book snobs, unite!


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