Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Tudor Tutor: Your Cheeky Guide to the Dynasty


Rating: 2 Stars

The saying "you get what you pay for" is definitely true here. $.99 thanks to BookBub, this is definitely not for anyone who even knows a little bit about the Tudors. I've never read the author's blog, so I don't know for sure but this is basically an extended blog post that was published as a book.

Maybe because this is among my most favorite topics, I did not find anything 'cheeky' or cute about the book? It is absolutely the barest of bones. The Tudor timeline offered at 82% is well-done, so I can give some praise there. It really helps even those like me, who do know a lot about the period, to have the dates laid out so clearly in a timeline. The illustrations were also neat, but without captions it was sometimes difficult to determine who the picture was of, if you have never seen the actual portraits the illustrations were based on. That would be frustrating for those new to the topic.

Overall, I can't really recommend it. People who have a good knowledge base already will be wasting their time, since they know everything already covered. People who don't might like it, and it is a very quick read, but not one with a lot of meat to it. Pass.

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