Sunday, March 1, 2015

Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII's Obsession

Author: Elizabeth Norton

Rating: 3 Stars


A fairly easy read - I finished it in less than a day and I have an 11 month old baby (hello, naptime!)

Overall it's not a bad text, but the author repeated several phrases and words, often in close proximity. I found this to very rather annoying, as though a thesaurus wasn't available?

I've stated in other reviews that one of my greatest pet peeves is when authors claim to know what their subject is thinking or feeling about a given situation. Just stop, please, thanks.

I still side with those who dislike Anne, and she's certainly not someone to be pitied. While she quite truly couldn't have been guilty of the charges against her, she deserved a downfall as humiliating as what Catherine and Mary were subjected to those long years.

The real victim here is Elizabeth, losing her mother at such a young age. Anne may have been a lot of terrible things, but 'mother' doesn't fall into that category. On the contrary, from information we do have it seems Anne was a very loving and devoted mother. It saddens me when I read of Elizabeth being neglected or ignored, she was a child who had done nothing wrong. Lucky for her, she would end up doing alright for herself...

Easy read, interesting subject, what's not to like?


I LOVE Tudor history. It is my obsession, much as Anne was Henry's. I have read so many books on Tudor history, I can't even count, so luckily Goodreads does it for me.

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