Monday, June 29, 2015

Unsinkable: The Full Story of the RMS Titanic


Rating: 4 Stars


I don't think I'll ever stop being obsessed with Titanic. The teenager in me won't allow it. The problem is, whenever I read a book about the tragedy, I inevitably see the officers, crew, Mr Andrews, Ismay, and assorted passengers as portrayed in the movie, and not who they actually were. Darn you, James Cameron!

I've heard this one compared to 'A Night to Remember' quite often, and I've not read it yet - thought it's very near the top of my book pile. While I myself can't compare the two yet, I will say this book was well-researched and provided ample information, so that even someone like myself who knows quite a bit already, found out new facts.

I like that the author addresses the Californian specifically. It baffles me even 100+ years later that help was there within reach, all those people could've been saved. And yet the crew was too afraid of their tyrant of a captain to attempt a rescue. 

In the end, it is always the same, as is to be expected. Ismay is giving orders to Smith, she's going too fast, there's miscommunication over ice warnings, too few officers know the gravity of the situation, lifeboats launched half-full, and so on and so on. Even after all these years, it first make it any less tragic. All those people lost, men, women, and children, for no reason.

One thing I'd like to have seen was more pictures. I know there are several in existence outside of what was offered here - officers, etc., having seen them in other books. It's just nice to have a face to go with a name - otherwise those actors from that movie keep popping into my head.

It saddens me that eventually Titanic herself will disappear, the very last remnant of a bygone age. But she is where she should be, remaining where she sank, undisturbed for the time she has left,

Additionally: I made Eleanor listen to "My Heart Will Go On" today. She digs it. She does not dig my singing. Fair enough.

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