Saturday, June 6, 2015

Well Hmmm. Kinda Neat!

So Goodreads has all kinds of lists about users and you can see where you rank both worldwide and in your own country in terms of being a top user,  top reader, top reviewer, most popular reviewer, best reviews, top librarian, etc. Well, I just stumbled on the fact that I am currently in the Top Reviewers this week at #68 in the U.S. and #133 globally!

Now, this doesn't REALLY mean anything, it just means I have posted quite a few reviews this week - 36 to be exact. It may sound like a lot, but when you consider that the #1 Reviewer this week as posted 366, it seems like nothing. (Seriously, 366? Are they REALLY reviews, or quick one-liners? Perhaps I will have to investigate...)

Either way, it was just something kind of neat that made me smile. You know, because I am competitive and like recognition for accomplishments - yes, reading and reviewing is an accomplishment in my world!

Now, if I were to go back and give a single-line review for every children's book I have read with Eleanor so far, I think I could move up pretty quickly...


  1. This is amazing Sarah! & definitely quite an accomplishment!! I really enjoy reading all your reviews! You give great information for people that are knowledgeable about a topic and for first time readers of a subject.
    Now, we just need to increase your reviews by about 300+ ;)


  2. Aw, thank you! Sometimes I feel like I don't quite say it right what I am trying to actually say, so I am glad that they make sense to someone else! I need to get more reading done and reviews up, as now I am only listed for the month, boo! But I am also not quite sure how and when Goodreads updates their statistics, because it said I was 167th, then 169th last week (for the month overall) but then this week it still says 169th for the month. I am really curious to know when it updates - I read and reviewed five books alone this weekend!


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