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Rating: 4 Stars


I picked this one up on the trip Mom and I took to Ireland in 2010. I know that while i might take 1,000 pictures, my skills are somewhat limited and having books like this are a nice comfort when I miss the places I've been and don't know if I will get to see them again.

There really is not much to review in the way of actual text. The book is divided into the the four provinces - Ulster, Connacht, Munster, and Leinster. It then covers the beautiful landscapes, ruins, and villages of the provinces. I loved seeing places that I'd already been to, and also new places I could add to my list for next time. I also was a little disappointed in some of the things left out - such as any mention of Titanic when looking around Cork. But that is my own personal preference and the 15 year old girl in me will always look for little mentions like that.

The photographs are simply beautiful, though they can never do justice to the real thing. Ireland is beyond beautiful, though also depressing at the same time. Not so much in Dublin, which is always busy much like any other capital city. Outside the city though, the countryside is quite different - especially when you see miles and miles of penny walls, with famine houses dotting the landscape in between modern homes.

I especially liked the shots of the places I was lucky enough to visit - the Burren, Blarney Castle, Newgrange and the Tall Cross at Monasterboice. My only wish is that there would have been an aerial shot of Newgrange to show off the amazing hills, or a full shot of the Tall Cross to see each panel. All photos belong to me.

The Tall Cross (Muiredach's Cross) at Monasterboice and our wonderful tour guide. Our reservations were not in the system but I had the paperwork from Expedia. She insisted we were going when one of the other guides said there was not room.

Mom and I at Newgrange.

Our first glimpse of Newgrange from the bus.

Kissing the Blarney Stone. Worth the climb and the terror of hanging off the side of a ruined castle.

Highly recommended, wonderful book.

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