Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Reading!


So after visiting the library today, I found out from one of the librarians that we could actually start the Summer Reading Program on May 15th - that's the day the site opened to start adding books and hours, and collecting badges. WHAAAAAATTTT??!! 

So, I upped my goal from 35 books for the summer to 50, and went back to look on Goodreads for all the books I had read since May 15th. I am at 11 so far. I also had to try to figure out my actual reading hours, which is not easy because I am trying to account for the last two weeks.

Happy Reading!

It's that time of year again! I am super excited, mostly because I am super competitive and I love to read (duh!). I have set my summer goal a bit more modestly than my Goodreads goal.

Summer Goal - 35 Books

Goodreads Goal - 250 Books

Although the official start date is listed as June 1st, everyone has already started. The requirements for the OPL Program is to read 10 hours. I have obviously already surpassed that, as I started a couple days ago. You also have the chance to collect badges, which for every I believe three badges up to a certain amount, you get your name entered into the drawing again. I don't really like this, basing it on hours read. I wish it could be based on the number of books read, as it was my first time participating. And this whole badge thing is also kind of hard to keep track of, because half the time I forget to check and see which badges I qualify for. Plus, it is easy for cheaters to just go enter a bunch of badge codes, because a lot of them are listed on the website. Mostly, I am doing this to be competitive and I love to read.

Happy Reading!

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