Thursday, August 3, 2017

Just Call Me Braggy McBraggerson...

So, guess what was waiting ever so patiently in my mailbox when Eleanor and I arrived home from vacation today!

I'll give you three guesses but I bet you only need one.

No, Dan Jones was not actually in my mailbox.

But this was:

Why yes, you are looking at copy #78 of 120 LIMITED EDITION PROOFS! And it is autographed! I HAVE A BOOK THAT DAN JONES PHYSICALLY OPENED AND SIGNED! Even without the lettering, it is gorgeous. I was lucky enough to win one of the copies given away a couple weeks ago by the UK publisher, Head of Zeus books - which is how I snagged the UK cover in the first place which, as you might recall, is my favorite.

Also, US tour info has finally been updated and I will be going to one of Jones' book signings in the fall! Eek.

I'm telling you, we are so going to be best friends. Once he sees I am a normal person and not actually as crazy as I seem, of course.

Happy Reading!

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