Friday, August 31, 2018

State of the ARC 7

Basically every book I am reading (and even the one I am writing) has been put on the back-burner in the last couple weeks because school has started and my classroom has been a hot mess (I teach in a behavior skills classroom). So, I have had hardly any time to read or write, but now that we are getting back into a routine, things are improving and I hope to be back to my normal schedule, or something like it, in the next couple weeks.

State of the ARC is a monthly feature hosted by Avalinah's Books. I am so glad I stumbled upon it, because it is really helping me with my 2018 Reading Goals (also find a related Top Ten Tuesday HERE). Links go to Goodreads, unless I have finished the review, in which case it goes to that. All ARCs are from NetGalley or Edelweiss, unless otherwise noted.

Pending = Zero

Not Started = None

Started = Seven
The First Congress (68%), 2-9-16 (Received one month after publication)

George Washington's Washington (15%), 4-1-18 (received in May from my NetGalley Wishlist)

Trail of Terror, (14%) 10-8-18

Haunted World War II, (12%) 10-8-18

The Invisible Emperor, 10-9-18 (hard copy from publisher)

A Divided Life, (5%) 10-4-18 (digital from publisher)

Sugar, (2%) 11-29-18 (digital from publisher)

DNF = None

Finished/Review to Come = Eight
We Were Eight Years in Power, 10-3-17

American Gothic, 10-4-16

The Black Prince, 5-1-18

Death in Paris, 10-9-18 (digital from publisher)

Review or Feedback Sent = None

Happy Reading!


  1. Glad things are slowly settling down. Seven books started- wow. I think my brain would explode. :) I can do 2, maybe three at most ha ha.

    1. That is only seven ARCS! I have a few more started on my Kindle too. I can never read just one book at a time, I have to have multiple going. Not sure why. It works a lot better probably because I read non-fiction - no plots and characters to mix up!

  2. I just couldn't start 7 books at the same time-my head would explode!

    1. I could not read that way if it was fiction, that is for sure. But I always have to have multiple books going at a time. I have more than seven right now, these are just the ARCs. Definitely would mix up plots and characters if I was reading fiction though!

  3. Glad things are getting more settled. Before I retired, I would be in your place. Getting the routines back running is the hardest part of starting each school year. I am also somewhat envious that you can have so many books in progress at a time without confusing all the plots. Come see my State of the Stack here. Happy reading!

    1. We make progress every day and I am so grateful for that. Today was rough, but tomorrow is a new day!

      I only read non-fiction, so it is a lot easier for me to read multiple books at a time. I have about 10-12 going right now. I don't know why, I can't just read one book at a time.

  4. Glad you are getting your school life settled down. You must be itching to get back to your own book as well as all the ones that need reading?

    1. Very much so! I feel Eleanor calling to me to get back to writing her story and I am still a few days away from getting back into my research. OI! I am missing that more than anything else right now.

  5. omgosh does this mean your caughtup on your review copies? :)

    1. Almost! I would be done with most ARCs had I not lingered on NetGalley (and by lingered I of course mean purposefully went straight for Llewellyn to see what new paranormal books they have listed). Now if I could just snap my fingers and have the reviews written, I would be 5x5!


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