Sunday, April 4, 2021

He is Risen!

God bless you on this joyous and beautiful Easter morning.

As mentioned in previous posts, I faithfully read The Final Days of Jesus every year starting on Palm Sunday.

It is a fantastic way to see the four books of the Gospel side by side and to read the accounts of the disciples as they watched everything they thought they knew disappear in the most traumatic way possible.

Yet that morning, the third day, Jesus rose as He said He would. He appeared to His followers who had lost hope, had given up, gone into hiding, and/or began the journey home. Yet He did not give up on them, and He has not given up on us.

Happy Easter!


P.S. While Matthew is probably my fave book of the Gospel, I love John as well, and the shade he throws in Peter's direction by saying he outran him to the tomb. You have to admire John's details.



  1. Never heard of this book but it sounds like a much better way to read all of them together!

    1. I really love it. It provides so much additional detail and addresses the issues well of why each books differs so in their accounts of the Crucifixion. It truly is a wonderful book.


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