Saturday, February 28, 2015

Auschwitz: A New History

Author: Laurence Rees

Rating: 4 Stars


Very well-researched and well-written, this would be a quick read if the subject matter itself wasn't so heartbreaking. WWII and the Holocaust have always interested me, and while I didn't learn anything new in general about the time, I did learn a lot more about Auschwitz, which of course is the intended purpose. There is a lot of additional information of what occurred outside the death camp, but that info is important in helping to see how Auschwitz evolved into what it became. I also find myself angry all over again, as I have been in the past when finishing other texts about the Holocaust, when reading how few perpetrators were ever punished for their crimes against humanity. While I'm not normally an advocate of 'an eye for an eye', this is one case where I'm more than willing to support just that.

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