Saturday, February 28, 2015


Good morning!

I am beginning to move reviews from Goodreads to my blog today. I will of course continue to use Goodreads - it is a wonderful site that has lead me from one book, to another, to another, and that is why my 'to-read' list is over 2000 books now. But I have also heard some not so great things about reviews being deleted (don't know how much truth there is to this, or for what reasons reviews might have been deleted, but better safe than sorry). Plus, sometimes it is nice to just have your own little corner of the Internet where you can make your own rules.

A few things about reviews:

1. I will rate the books out of five stars (unless I come up with something more creative than a 'star'). I may use half stars as well, though not often, if I just can't make up my mind.

5 Stars -loved it, fantastic read
4 Stars - good, worth the time
3 Stars - okay, nothing spectacular
2 Stars - didn't much care for it
1 Star - awful. How was this published

2. I will always specify if I received the book free as an ARC. This happens two ways for me (though I am sure there are other sites that offer free ARCs, I think I have enough books on my plate right now!) I get ARCs from Netgalley, another awesome site that allows you to browse the catalogue and request directly from the publisher and if approved, you can download a digital copy to your computer/iPad/etc. I also have won copies of books from various Goodreads giveaways and the publisher sends a hard copy.

3. Some of the review posts might have a few books grouped together, such as if it is a series I am reviewing, or several books by the same author (like if I decide to review every single Dr. Seuss book that Eleanor and I have read). I will always specify when this happens.

4. I will try to include pictures of the book covers as well, if I think it has a particularly interesting cover. Cover art is pretty important to me, and I love that Netgalley recognizes this because when you request a book from them - beneath the cover is the option to vote on what you think of the proposed cover.

5. I will be as specific as possible with labels for each review. It will be labeled by rating and subject matter, so hopefully if you are looking for something in particular, this will make it easier to find.

So, here we go. If you have read a book that I review, I would love to know what you thought of it as well, whether you agree or disagree. Leave a comment and let's have a discussion!

Happy Reading!

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