Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Eleanor Reads! May Edition

Each month Eleanor and I share the chapter books we read. We've been reading chapter books since before Kindergarten and her attention span as a four year old was definitely something to brag about. Eleanor was born a reader and that makes my heart so, so happy.

Currently Reading Together

Read Together

Currently Reading Independently*

*Eleanor has begun reading more than one book at a time. I can't imagine where she got that idea from.

Eleanor's Independent Reads

Eleanor's Rereads

Eleanor's DNFs

Do the kiddos in your life have an interest in any of these?

Happy Reading,
Eleanor and Sarah


  1. I remember "The Secret of the Old Clock" from long, long ago.

    1. I loved them so much as a kid too. And I love that Eleanor does too. We read the Nancy Drew books that have come out in the last decade or two, which is about Nancy, bess, and George as kids, and now she's advanced to these.

  2. Since my boys are all grown up, I love to see what is there today for kids to read. And I love to see from her reads, that Eleanor is growing up. So sweet.

  3. Some good looking books, but Dark Waters jumped out at me!
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. It is book three in the Small Spaces series. We really like it and it is sifficiently creepy for Eleanor.


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