Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Reading Program

Another summer of reading is in the books!

The contest officially ends today for OPL, and I was able to surpass my goal of 50 books by reading 64. I probably could not have done it without that stupid Pretty Little Liars series, but I still passed my goal which is better than I was expecting. I also ended up at level 41 for my reading hours badge. The requirement for OPL was 10 hours to earn the badge. You then leveled up for every additional 10 hours you read. So...yes I ended up with 417 hours (out of a possible 1,872 hours, from May 15th to August 1st.). I know it seems insane that I read for what amounts to 17 days, but you have to consider all the times E was with her dad, all the time I read while she was napping, and before she woke up and after she went to sleep. I literally utilized every minute I had to read. AND you can't leave out all the time Eleanor and I read stories together, that added up to some serious minutes (actually, hours!) Some might say I am too competitive. I am not inclined to disagree.

Happy Reading!

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