Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Coming Soon: Tackling the TBR!

Each week I will be keeping track of books that I have read from my TBR. I have a huge backlog of books and often end up reading new books that are not even on my list, instead of trying to whittle down the list that continues to balloon up on Goodreads. Chuckles had the idea first, and we are going to use this as a chance to encourage each other to get those books read instead of grabbing new ones and thus never making a dent in the physical and digital stacks we already have. We will be posting on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the last day of the month.

Each week I will include the following information:

Previous Week TBR Total:

Books Added to TBR This Week:
  • Physical:
  • Digital:
Books Read This Week:
  • Physical:
  • Digital:
Books DNF-ed This Week:
  • Physical:
  • Digital:
New TBR Total:

The format is not pretty right now, but it will be - hopefully - when I am done with it.

How out-of/in-control is your TBR? Feel free to join us in getting your TBR back in line too.

Happy Reading!


  1. We're going to get stuff done this year Sarah! It's great to have you with me on this booky journey!

  2. Fingers crossed for you on the TBR tackling this year!
    I wrote a list of every book I own that I've not yet read and it's well over 50 which I know is low by some standards (Chuckles, I'm looking at you!) but I feel so sorry for those poor neglected books. Their sole purpose thwarted!

    1. I have a whole five shelf bookcase crammed with books that I still have not read. But, I have been reading and clearing a lot from my Kindle. Still, what good are books if we don't read them?!? Hopefully Chuckles can keep me on my toes!


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