Sunday, July 10, 2022

Happy Birthday, Eleanor!

 Today is Eleanor's birthday!

Unfotunately I have Covid, so she is not home with me at the moment.

Yesterday we were supposed to have her big party and then today our own little celebration at home, then leave for MN tomorrow.

Obviously everything is postponed.

We will be having her party later in the month when we get back from MN. Instead of leaving for MN tomorrow, we will be going later in the week.

This is who will be waiting for Eleanor though, when she gets home:

Yes, that's Harry Styles.

Yes, I set him up then went to get wrapping paper from another room, forgot I set him up, and jumped about ten feet in the air when I came back to the living room because I thought someone was in our home.

Eleanor LOVES Harry SO MUCH. I suppose, like her mother, she has a weakness for beautiful, tattooed, British boys.

How Eleanor Came to be OBSESSED with Harry Styles and One Direction
Maybe about a month and a half ago I randomly heard the song "Night Changes" and remembered loving it when it first came out years ago. I looked it up and saw it was by One Direction. Interesting. I started playing some of their other songs and realized I knew all of them, but never knew they were by One Direction. Then Eleanor heard "Night Changes" and was hooked. She's OBSESSED. We've watched countless reels, music videos, interviews, etc. She is a smitten kitten.

Eleanor is going to FLIP OUT. I can't wait to see her reaction.

Happy Reading!


  1. Will you be recording the screams so we can all tell just how MUCH she liked it?

    1. Absolutely! Like, I am giddy just thinking about it. I wish we could have seen him at Wembley. That would have been the ultimate. She would have SOBBED. I'm partial to Niall, but Harry is such an all-around entertainer. I can't help but love him as much as Eleanor doe.

  2. So sorry you caught Covid. Hope you have the mild version.
    And, of course, very sorry for Eleanor having to postpone her birthday celebrations. But I'm sure she'll be over the moon.
    Also, thanks for mentioning who that is. That whole "One Direction" rave has passed me by.
    So, get betters soon and
    🎂 Happy Birthday to Eleanor. 🎂

    1. Thank you! She's so impatient to come home. I don't blame her one bit.

      The only symptom I had was a cough, thank goodness. No fever, no chills, not even headaches, which I was worried about because of my migraines. I've also been taking Paxlovid so that helped too, I'm sure.

      I was too old for One Direction when they first came out, but discovering their music afterward has been fun. I also really love Harry's and Niall's solo stuff.

  3. Happy belated birthday to Eleanor! Sorry you caught Covid, I really hope it's a super mild case and everything is great!

    1. Thank you! She's so excited to come home. She keeps asking for clues about her gifts. This morning I told her to think about the things she loves most, and that's her only clue. She immediately shouts, "Harry Styles!" and I said no because he is on tour and kidnapping is illegal. No joke, her response was, "A cardboard cut-out!" This kid of mine, lol.

      As for Covid, I lucked out big time. I had a little cough Wednesday night. It came back Thursday night. Then Friday I woke up and my voice sounded terrible, like I was super sick. I never felt sick, but tested positive that morning. No headache, no fever or chills, nothing. Thank God! I also got a prescription for Paxlovid so I am sure that helped. I've been trying to keep busy but I miss my girl so much. So excited for her to come home tomorrow morning!


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