Saturday, April 1, 2023

Book Review | There's Someone Inside Your House

Rating ⭐

Okay...but, why?

As in, why was this book even written?

We find out who the killer is halfway through and that's it. He's running around, leaving town, coming back, attacking people. Then Makani and Ollie only care about having sex all the time, despite classmates dropping like flies, and nothing makes any kind of sense.

I was expecting a thriller, some twists and turns, because what is a YA thriller without thrills? A boring ass book, that's what.

I was expecting Ollie's brother to somehow be in on it, with her staying there and him being a police officer. Maybe it was too obvious a choice, but at least SOMETHING interesting would have hapened.

There was suspense when we didn't know who the killer was, but when he's revealed, you're left thinking, "Who the fuck is that guy, again?" and flipping back to see where you last read about him. He was bland and completely unmemorable. Not to mention, so were all the victims, except Makani. And she's not even that interesting, she's just memorable because she is the main character. Her whole backstory was so dumb I am not even going to bother rifling through it to explain what the hell she was doing living with her grandma in the first place.

The author gave some characters the last names of cities/counties in Nebraska. Rainbow Rowell does that same shit and I fucking hate it. It's stupid. With Rowell it is constant, since she's from here, but my God PLEASE STOP. The name of the town it all takes place in is called Osborne, which is obviously a nod to TO, Tom Osborne, one of the greatest college football coaches of all time. Unfortunately with such a terrible story, that's not exactly something to be proud of being associated with. Hopefully TO will never know that this exists.

On the subject of towns and cities, if you are going to try to make your book realistic, you should know things like the fact that:

A) Boys Town is not a town or city or anything. It is basically its own tiny village sitting on about 600 acres in West Omaha. It is a place for children and teens with pretty severe behavioral needs, who also tend to have emotional and academic needs as well. Families do live there, because they take care of kids who live on-campus. Other kids who attend school there live at their own homes. It just depends on what the individual needs of each child are.

B) It's IN Omaha, as stated above. Definitely not located near some random truck stop on the interstate or whatever she was going for. It's not even on the outskirts of Omaha, but smack-dab in West O.

I hate when easily verifible things are fucked up like this.

Everyone is boring. Even the killer. Especially the killer. I wish everyone would have died. Except the main girl's grandma. She was cool.


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