Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Neglected Galleys That I MUST Read ASAP


When I discovered NetGalley back in 2015, it was a dream come true. All these wonderful, beautiful books could be mine BEFORE publication! I could get access to titles I had been not-so-patiently waiting for and be part of initial chatter about the books I loved and shout about them for all to hear.

Then 2017 came and man, I crashed haaaaard. I had so many great galleys but when I began my own book about Eleanor of Aquitaine, all of those books I was so excited to have been approved for fell to the wayside. I knew I could not devote the proper time and energy to them for constructive reviews, and I fell behind. All of them are published now, so I am late to the party, but there truly are some really wonderful titles that I am determined to read as my last books of 2017 and my first books of 2018. 

Here are the titles I am going to be reading/reviewing in the next few weeks, courtesy of NetGalley and their respective publishers.

24340907     24724228

27268679     30350105

29625955     7946737

25485332     32280407

33673455     35265200

36524901     25593979

34276987     30968407

32021155     33415086

33152438     30760666


Bonus: a few of these will be very helpful in also achieving my goal of reading about each president.

Have you read any of these titles? Do you, like me, go on request sprees on NetGalley, only to find there is no way you can read in all the books you have requested by their publication dates?

Happy Reading!


  1. That's a lotta Lincoln. Who knew Nebraska had an interesting history?

    1. And one of the reasons I set the president goal for myself - I've read heaps of books on Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy but know so little about most of the others.

      As for Nebraska's history, the only parts I've ever cared about are football-related, so I figured I better start learning the less fun parts.

  2. I don't use Netgalley so I don't have that problem! I like to read the complete books once they have been published which lets me read them in my own time! Lots of interesting looking titles there!

    1. Thanks Chuckles! I'm slowly but surely making my way through them.

      I can understand the wanting a final copy, definitely. One of the things I like best about NetGalley for me is that I have been auto-approved by a couple publishers, so I can read any of their books immediately and do not have to wait to be approved or denied.


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