Friday, November 22, 2019

Drum Roll Please...

A couple days ago I posted about my completely ridiculous problem with having too many reviews to write.

Yes, I not only have an out-on-control TBR, but an out-of-control To-Review pile.

I asked for some feedback on which books people were most interested in hearing about now. The thing is, these are the books I want to review. ALL OF THEM. If you click the second list, you are looking at a curated list - I have already removed the ones I am not particularly interested in reviewing!

I know, I know.

I won't be writing full-length reviews for all of those books - especially true for many on the same or similar topics. BUT, I feel like all the books still on the list deserve to have something said about them and so I will get to them as soon as possible. I am really hoping to use Christmas Break to knock out as many as humanly possible, which also being knocked out on the couch at my mom's for the holiday, snoozing and reading while Mom and Eleanor play.

So, here are the books I received feedback on, and you will be seeing reviews coming out in the next week or so:

1. Killer of the Flower Moon
2. Crusaders
3. Becoming
4. Vikings
5. Earthquake Storms
6. Six Queens of Egypt
7. Eruption

If you feel so inclined, please feel free to peruse the list and add anything else to this order. I am cautiously optimistic that this will help get my review-writing mojo back.

Happy Reading!


  1. Fingers crossed for your reviewing stamina :-)
    I'm guessing you're one of the organised foljs who takes notes as she reads? I don't so have to keep up to date or I start mixing up what was in which book

    1. Oh yes! I utilize that feature on Goodreads a lot, plus the Kindle highlighting/notes, and also notes I scribble to myself as I go along. I'd never be able to write reviews otherwise!

  2. Oh, I'm so pleased that you're going to write a short review about Becoming, Sarah,and I look forward to reading your thoughts.

    1. It's a truly fantastic book. Michelle Obama is the epitome of grace, class, and a strong, intelligent woman. I adore her! (And want to go shopping with her. Her wardrobe is as on-point as everything else about her!)

  3. I am dealing with the same problem. I decided not to review (publicly, as in on the blog) any books I did not like or felt negative toward in some way. Of course that only eliminated 2 from the pile because I have been reading great books. LOL

  4. i don't do long reviews for all the books i review. i do minis and sone sentence revies too
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. A while back I started giving myself permission to do mini-reviews, especially when I had read several books on similar or the same topics, so I could compare and contrast them. Even so, I am just in a reviewing slump right now and these will hopefully get me moving again!

      I am seriously contemplating the one-sentence review. This could get very interesting.


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