Sunday, December 27, 2020

Prime First Reads | The Last Resort

Rating ⭐

Oh good God, what did I just read?!?!

Okay, so I read it a while ago and am just getting to review it now, but shit. What absolute silly nonsense. Again, thank goodness that I got this for free from Prime First Reads, because I would be sooooooo pissed if I had paid any money for this.

Seven strangers are invited to this swanky island for an all-expenses-paid trip. They are from vastly different backgrounds, with a variety of ages, careers, etc. The group is supposed to be testing a new product from Timeo Technologies and all are into it - until it becomes clear that there are many secrets to be revealed. Each guest has a nasty secret of their own, all of which are broadcasted to the others by this new technology in the form of a memory-tracking device that they are all forced to wear.

So everyone is trapped hiking across the island to this supposed lavish party, but instead each secret is gradually revealed and they start dying one by one. I was so fucking thankful for that because they were all obnoxious and terrible people.

This book was such a let-down. I mainly gave it a try because And Then There Were None is one of my most favorite books of all-time. No author can even come close to doing what Dame Agatha Christie has done, but I still manage to give the books a try partly because I want a good thriller, but also because I like to see authors with nowhere near Christie's talent fall flat on their faces.

The unfortunate part here is that the book actually had such great potential but turned out to be a complete shit show. The ending was the most stupid and atrocious part and completely pointless, thus the book as a whole became pointless as well.

There is a super cryptic backstory that was as pointless as the ending, so it wasn't even a backstory at all. When you have to be that vague so as to provide 'suspense', you're doing something wrong.

I can definitely suspend belief for a bit if there is something else that hooks me - like characters I care about. But not one single character was actually likable. Literally none of them mattered except the main one and she was...blah. Had the writing been better, the outlandish and ridiculous story could have at least been fun, but alas, that too was not great.

The ending truly is what made this such a garbage book. Had it made any sense at all, or been connected in any kind of plausible or concrete way to anything that had happened along the way, my thoughts might be different. But seriously, it made NO SENSE. It really killed the book in a very final way, leaving me completely annoyed with having wasted the time and brain cells reading this. Had the plot holes been plugged, and had the book literally ended ANY OTHER WAY, this could be a three-star read. It was just so stupid and silly and ridiculous. But i think I mentioned that already, right?

Majorly NOT recommended.


  1. I'm always SO glad when you rip a book a new one..... and I *DON'T* already own it! [lol]

    1. Lol! When a book is this bad I feel like I have to be brutally honest, I don't want anyone else to waste their time and brain cells!!

  2. 🤣 I adore reviews like this... Especially when I have no intentions of reading the book ever anyway!

    1. Great, I am glad to provide both entertainment AND a public service, lol

  3. as they used to say: how do you REALLY feel? lol...

  4. Ha Ha! LOL! Probably no one should try to be Agatha Christie.


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