Monday, December 28, 2020

My Year In Books | 2020

I love this yearly meme hosted by Esther at Bite Into Books. Feel free to do your own wrap-up and join in. There is a linky widget at the linked page for you to post yours whenever you are ready!

My year in books

I read 102,339 pages across 480 books
Keep in mind, I included chapter books in this total that I read with Eleanor, and is my official total according to Goodreads. For myself, I read 281 books this year.
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The shortest book I read was 40 pages 
I do not count pictures toward my book totals for the year. I am including this one however, because it was an ARC that I received from BookSirens. 

Img ruler

 The longest book I read was 768 pages.

Average book length this year amounts to 213 pages.
Eleanor's chapter books are factored into this average, which does bring it down. Her chapter books we read together are anywhere from 100-300 pages or so. Mine usually run between 300-700 pages.


The most popular book I read in 2020, with 773,046 others shelving it as well...

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...was the least popular book I read in 2020, with four other people shelving it.


 The highest rated books I read this year is one Eleanor and I enjoyed together that she received at VBS in 2019. It currently has a 5.00 average on Goodreads.


My average rating for 2020

3.8 stars


My very first review (on Goodreads) of the year was for Daisy Jones and the Six. Fives stars all the way. The book is fucking phenomenal.

My last review (on Goodreads) for the year was for Brothers York: An English Tragedy. I gave it four stars, though it was not anything new or ground-breaking.

If you want to find out your own year-end stats from Goodreads, go to your profile. On the right side of the screen you will find your Goodreads Challenge (if you do one) and below that you will find the link to your Year-In-Books. This is via the website on my laptop, I am not sure if you can access it through the app on your phone. Then head over to Esther's blog that I linked above and add your link to the list!

What a year 2020 was, in so many ways.

Happy Reading!


  1. wow, lots of books! don't know how many i read, a few posts, tho; and a lot of others i didn't post on...

    1. I purged my 'Upcoming Reviews' page last night and really took a good hard look at those I truly want to review. it was kind of liberating, actually and I feel a lot more confident about reviews going forward.

  2. WOW SO MANY BOOKS! I can only HOPE to read that many books in a year. I'm going for 80 again next year. What will be your goal? Thanks for participating!

    1. No problem Esther, thanks for coming by! I am going to stick with 275. I tried 300 one year and it did not end up happening, I only made it to I think 290.

  3. DANG! 102,339 pages is incredible!!! Happy reading in 2021!


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