Friday, December 29, 2023

Tackling the TBR Year-In-Review | 2023

So here we are, at the end of another year. Year five, to be exact, of my attempt to tame this wild TBR of mine. I have mostly accepted the fact that I will never get it down to zero. It would be impossible for me to run out of books to read. Just think of everything I will want to read that hasn't even been written yet!

Anyway, here at the less-than-impressive stats.


1-2-23: I started the year with 2,340 books on my TBR...

...added ZERO books I couldn't resist...

...removed 181 books I no longer wanted to read...

...and deleted 1 duplicate...

...Plus I read a total of 250+ books (not nearly enough from my TBR once again)...

...on 12-31-23 I am ending the year with 2,136 books on my TBR.

That's a total reduction of 204 books.

Is your TBR a problem for you? if so, join me and track your progress weekly. I post on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and last day of the month. I keep track of how many I read, add to the TBR, remove from the TBR, DNF, etc. You can see previous posts HERE.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!


  1. Yeah... You reduced your TBR - Despite *everything* I tried to do to fluff it up again.... [lol] WELL DONE!!

    I was *toying* with the idea of actually counting my unread books - not even going near my Amazon Wish List! - and I thought it was just too much effort. The logistics of counting everything was too much to contemplate! [lol]

    1. Lol, thank you! And I still have a sub-TBR just for you which I refuse to count because it will wreck my progress. Luckily, our library has purchased a lot of them so I don't technically need to add them, since I am just magically 'finding' them once they come in.

      You should count them. I REALLY want to know what your TBR looks like!!

    2. Actually.... Thinking about it.... What was putting me off was counting ALL my books, which would mean taking them off shelves and then having to put them back again.... But my UNREAD books are (mostly) just sitting in piles on the floor.... So... [muses] counting my TBR wouldn't be SO problematic.

    3. Oh yeah, I am not going to count my total. Most of them will get sold back to Half Price Books when I'm done. But the TBR is what matters right now! Get counting!

  2. Is my TBR a problem? Heck no. I would rather have too many books than not enough. Looks like you are making progress, while I have some hanging around I need to add. Will I? It would take away from reading, so....Hope you are enjoying your holidays.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Mine is definitely a problem, because there will always be new books coming out that I want to read. There's no way I am going to read all 2K+, so once I have it a bit more under control I won't feel so overwhelmed in adding new ones. Our holiday has been great, hope it is the same for you!


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