Tuesday, July 3, 2018



Good gracious, you never realize how much you really use your computer until you don't have it for a week! I knew I could not afford a new laptop, or the $350 fee HP wanted from me to send my laptop in to fix. Instead, our children's ministry leader, her husband is a computer whiz and he fixed it for me. He rescued all my data (EVERYTHING!), and installed a new hard drive, updated OS, etc. I am very lucky to have a wonderful church family, especially when Eleanor and I are so far from our biological family. I was incredibly lucky.

How, you might ask, seeing as how my hard drive died?

Well, because this summer was the first time in six years with the district that I brought my work laptop home. Each previous summer, I had stored my laptop at school and left it until August. So, at least I was still able to check email, and of course order Eleanor's birthday decorations. Not to mention, everything else already listed above.

I thought I would go crazy without my computer, without access to my blog or my writing, but it was surprisingly refreshing. I missed chatting about books with my favorite people, but I literally sat and read all weekend when Eleanor was at her dad's, and was not distracted. It was kind of cool.

EDIT: I added tons of new books to the 'Upcoming Reviews' page, since all I really did was read in the time I would have been writing or messing around on the blog.

BUT, now it is back to work!

Happy Reading!


  1. Fantastic! :) Glad to hear everything's restored to life.

  2. That's wonderful news! Your book and everything saved!

    1. Thank you, it is such a relief! All my photos of Eleanor, from the age of 1 and up are on this computer and now safely backed up on an external also. And if I would have lost the book, I still have my hand-written notes...but they were just that, notes. It would have been a nightmare to re-do!


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