Friday, May 31, 2019

Tackling the TBR Week 20: May 22-May 31, 2019

Each week I will be keeping track of books that I have read from my TBR. I have a huge backlog of books and often end up reading new books that are not even on my list, instead of trying to whittle down the list that continues to balloon up on Goodreads. Chuckles had the idea first, and we are going to use this as a chance to encourage each other to get those books read instead of always grabbing new ones and thus never making a dent in the physical and digital stacks we already have. It will also give us a chance to take a good look at our lists and see if there are ones we are no longer interested in. We will be posting on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the last day of the month.
Previous Week's TBR Total: 3,414

Books Added to TBR: 11

Books Removed from TBR: 9

Currently Reading: 9

Books Read: 13

Books DNF-ed: 1

New TBR Total: 3,405

Had a lot of progress in terms of reading, because this last stretch of the month was longer than the typical seven days. Plus - summer vacation! Less so only because I found a slew of books I must read, but even so, honor all progress, we are moving in the right direction!

Happy Reading!


  1. It's always nice to see the total going in the right direction!

    1. YES!! I worry that with summer here and more time for me to browse, the numbers might start going the other way. But I also have not had as much time to go through my Goodreads To-Read list, and I am back to doing that regularly now. Progress!

  2. Just started the Comey book..... [grin]

    1. UGH! It is so hard to know how to feel about his nonsense! Like, he knew full well how his decisions would be perceived, but he also knows how dangerous trumplethinskin is. He's kind of like Two-Face

    2. Just got to the Clinton e-mails. Should finish it on Wednesday. Won't be reviewed for a little while though. 4 books ahead of it in the review pile.

    3. I heard him on NPR back when the book was first released and when he was directly asked if he thought his actions with the memos impacted the election, his response was, "I hope not." B.S. if I ever saw it, because he knows full well it did.

  3. I am aware of having added 3 titles to the TBR. I read 3. Equals no change but I am used to that. Good for you on your direction.


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