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What's This?! A TV Series Review?! | One Of Us Is Lying

One of Us is Lying was my gateway drug to the world of YA fiction. It is the first YA thriller I ever read, after seeing it EVERYWHERE for MONTHS. I gave it a try because of all the hype and am glad to say it is one of the best decisions I ever made. Because of Karen McManus and her incredible characters and plot twists, I branched out from my non-fiction-Euro-history-cave and found more of her work, as well as new authors that I have come to adore.

McManus has become an auto-buy author for me, no questions asked. If you've followed my blog for any amount of time at all, you know that I do not buy books to keep unless they are reeeeeeally special to me - looking at you, Dan Jones. I love the characters McManus created for Bayview, and the characters either introduced or given their own time to shine in the sequel, One of Us is Next.

I also fan-girled real hard HERE when she announced there will be a final installment to the OOU books in 2023, One of Us is Back. I've badgered her for months about one more, as have untold numbers of other fans. Now that I am getting what I want, I am kind of fucking terrified that she is going to meddle in their lives one more time. Bronwyn and Nate were fine and happy the last time we saw them, even if his arm was in a sling from the surgery to remove the shrapnel from when he threw himself over Bronwyn to protect her from the bomb blast.

Since it is clear how much I love the OOU books, you can imagine both my excitement and wariness when it was announced that a show based on the books was in the works. I was excited to see characters I love and hate brought to life on-screen, but let's be realistic: the shows and movies based on books we love are rarely as good as the original source material.

I feel like my concern was justified right off the bat when I saw photos of the actor chosen to play Nate. He had blond hair! Nate is not blond. Looking at the rest of the cast however, specifically the actors hired to play Simon and Jake, I guess it made sense to not have three actors with dark hair. Plus the actor playing Cooper has black hair. This may not seem like a big deal, but the dark hair/blue-eyed combo played a brief but important part in the book when the group was trying to track down the drivers involved in the “car accident“ in the parking lot that drew them all to the window and sent Mr. Avery downstairs to see what was going on. Plus, I am a stickler for details. Luckily his hair is darker in the show than in the headshots I saw, so that helps. Even so, I was rightly concerned about bigger changes coming.

And believe me, there are plenty.

At first I swore up and down I was not even going to watch it. I was so nervous that the show was going to absolutely destroy a book I loved so much. A book that holds a special place in my heart not only because the twists and turns took me by surprise at every turn, but because it also led me to a few other books and authors I love so much - Courtney Summers, Tiffany D. Jackson, Hannah Capin, and more.

Plus, I absolutely love Nate and Bronwyn and they’re probably my favorite book couple ever. Nate might even be that weird thing I used to make fun of other readers for having - my book boyfriend.

And yet…

Thanks to Greg, who shares my love for all things McManus, I learned that the first three episodes of the show were free on Peacock. I could create an account and watch the first three episodes, and then just go on my merry way knowing I was right and the show was terrible and I didn’t ever need to watch the other five.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

I blew through the first three episodes and didn’t hesitate to sign up for the streaming service the minute that third episode was done. I had to know what was going to happen, how they were going to resolve the mystery, which threads would lead to a wild goose chase, and which would bring them closer to an answer.

I loved every second of it.

Naturally there are a ton of changes to the story, some are minor that you probably won’t even notice if you have not read the books in a while (GREG!) and some are so fucking massive it completely goes off the rails away from the book. Even with the latter, the show is compelling and the storytelling is so tight. It’s such a well–put-together show that even had I never read the book I would probably be just as invested because it’s so, so good.

That’s not going stop me from noting the major changes though because I am loyal to the book first.

If you are planning to watch the show, you should stop reading now. There will be major spoilers from here on out and trust when I say they will completely ruin the show for you if you know ahead of time what is coming. Believe me when I say the color of Nate‘s hair is the least of these changes.

So, here we go. Changes I don’t love and changes I don’t hate, but all are changes that are big fucking deals.
  • Simon dies on the first day of school.
  • Simon didn’t kill himself and he is not the sole villain - or even the biggest villain. Jake orchestrated Simon's death by stealing the EpiPens from the nurse’s office; Jake basically bullied Simon into pulling this prank on the four, but then Jake swiped the EpiPens after signing Addy’s name into the log book. In the book Addy went to the nurse herself to get some Tylenol for Jake.
  • Simon was not suicidal or on meds.
  • Janae was not involved at all. She posted the four secrets only because she guessed Simon's password and saw them in his drafts and she thought at the time that one of them really killed Simon. She changed Cooper's secret because she did not want to out him.
  • As a result, Janae eventually becomes part of Murder Club.
  • The way everyone gets detention is different, only Bronwyn has a phone put in her bag. Addy had a mysterious alarm set on hers that goes off in class, Cooper was late because he couldn't find his phone after P.E., and Nate's locker was jammed so he was late as well. All four had physics at different times with Mrs. Avery.
  • Bronwyn and Evan start off as a couple. No Kate, and Yumiko has become Miko.
  • Vanessa is dating TJ
  • No Ashton, Eli, Luis, Leah
  • Bronwyn steals Simon’s laptop in the library when no one is looking after Simon has been taken to the hospital
  • Nate’s sex life is far more subdued. It was a major highlight in the book because Simon was always posting about Nate's hook-ups and dealing. He was on the app more than anyone.
  • No probation officer for Nate, he’s one strike away from doing time for selling drugs
  • Janae is gay, and in love with Maeve
  • Maeve and Simon had a thing
  • Simon’s mom is the mayor; they live across the street from Bronwyn’s family
  • Mr. Avery becomes Mrs. Avery and plays a much bigger role, including helping Vanessa get an abortion
  • They all go to Homecoming
  • Murder Club has more secret meetings
  • Everything comes to a head at Jake’s Halloween party
  • Nate breaks up with Bronwyn twice, once when she visits him in jail (which also didn’t happen in the book, because he refused to let her come see him in jail) and then at the end of the finale when he says they’re not each other’s normal
  • Jake presumably dies in the last episode, and it’s unclear who shot him. The three with him were Addy, Coop, and Janae. Nate and Bronwyn lagged behind Cooper and Janae because Bronwyn hurt her ankle when she and Addy had to jump from Jake’s bedroom balcony to get the Xbox away from him that contained the chats of him and Simon planning it all. Nate wouldn’t leave her behind, so they moved much slower until the shot rings out and they get to the clearing in the woods where everyone else standing
  • Someone knows what happened in the woods, or at least knows something happened for Jake to have disappeared, and the final scene of the finale shows as much, as the four and Janae receive a text from someone using the tag ‘Simon Says’
  • No construction job for Nate
  • Vanessa becomes a TikTok sensation with her videos/photos about Murder Club and doesn’t believe the story that Addy told the police about Jake disappearing from the Halloween party because she confronted him about seeing the chats
  • Nate love Japanese horror flicks in the book, and the first movie they watch “together” is…The Birds?! Seriously?! WTF.
There are more, but these are the big ones. I can one hundred percent absolutely positively unequivocally say that I love the show. I don’t love all the changes. Simon and Jake were the bad guys. Simon still comes across as a dick that everyone hates because he is always posting their secrets, but his mental health was a compelling part of the story. One of the scenes that sticks with me from the book is when Janae tells Addy that if Simon had been taking his meds and in his right frame of mind he "wouldn't have wanted this for" her. I thought that was really powerful.

 However, if the following seasons are as well done as the first one, I will watch the show as long as they make it. 

Things I Loved:
  • Music is on-point. Fucking perfect.
  • So many of Nate and Bronwyn’s important moments are captured perfectly, even if they happen differently from the book: Nate giving Bronwyn a ride home after detention, Nate holding Bronwyn‘s hand when they are meeting with Detective Wheeler to stop her from admitting to having Simon’s laptop, them promising not to murder each other, their phone conversations, Nate telling Bronwyn he ‘stole Jesus from her’ during the nativity play when they were in elementary school
  • The casting really is fucking perfect. I got over the fact that Nate has blondish brown hair. Jake, Janae, and Addy especially are perfectly cast.
  • There are honestly 1000 little ways the show references things that happened or were mentioned in the book that are honestly too numerous to mention. Every time I rewatch I notice more and more little things that just make me smile because even though the show veered in different directions at times it’s clear that they paid attention to the details of the book.
  • I loved the flashbacks that showed how Simon got the secrets and how he traded up for better and better information
  • Despite it meaning giving up Nate and Bronwyn’s very public kiss in the cafeteria, I am really OK with the traumatic scene of Cooper entering the cafeteria after his real secret being leaked not be part of the show. It’s my least fave part of the book because it’s so terrible for Coop; though Nate calls out Vanessa for being such a bitch in the book which I always appreciate

Things That Irritated Me:
  • Where the fuck is Cooper’s accent? In the book he moved from Mississippi freshman year and his accent still comes out. In the show he arrived at Bayview junior year and has zero trace of any accent despite still being from Mississippi
  • There was a very minimal build-up of Bronwyn and Nate's backstory. From the book we learn they have known each other most of their lives because from Kindergarten to 5th grade they went to St. Pius together. Both bring up memories of this time in the book, how they had crushes on each other back then, what Bronwyn observed of Nate's mom's behaviors when she would show up to school, etc. You don't get a feel for the length of time they have actually known each other just from the mentions on the show. Not knowing this, and not even getting to see all of their phone conversations, makes it seem like Bronwyn telling her parents she loves Nate kind of soon.
  • In the book it was always very clear that Nate didn’t do any drugs despite being a dealer. Personally I don’t care about he and Addy smoking a joint, but it was an important distinction to Nate.
Final verdict: I fucking love this show and I swear to God if Peacock does not order a second season I will lose my fucking mind.


  1. Replies

      Not the post, but the book. Pleeeeeeeease?! Then you will understand. And it is YA, it will take you like, two hours. PLEEEEASE!!!???

  2. Oh my gosh THIS. The whole post. Okay, there were some issues, but this could have been a hot %^&* and it wasn't. And that image makes me want to go back and watch it again. And you're right- it could have been so bad. I'm so glad Peacock made the first three free as well, because honestly I might not have tried it otherwise- I mean, who needs another streaming service right?

    I was shocked too how much I'd forgotten, so yes fair enough calling me out on that. :)

    So... my thoughts on some of the spoilers. I love posts like this, BTW.

    Jake being the big villain. Didn't like that, it feels too mastermind-y and Simon not killing himself (BY himself) was a big no for me. Vanessa was nasty though and could be soo good in a villain role. The fake out with TJ was interesting.

    I still feel like Nate wasn't quite captured right- but it was good enough...

    Homecoming was the bomb. DANCING.

    The casting IS perfect, or pretty dang close. It's awful because Nate and Brownyn DO have chemistry and we don't get to see it enough! More horror movie watching!

    Brownyn perfect. Addy wasn't perfect for me, I like how in the book she had that fuck this moment where she was done with the bullshit and I think the show missed that.

    What did they do with Jake's body? Did they just leave it to rot out there (seems unlikely) and if not, what (and who) disposed of it? I need to knowwwwww

    Peacock needs to renew this. I already got screwed over on PAnic and if they screw us on this I'll be PISSED.

    1. I knew you would appreciate it, and CK would find it nonsensical, lol. I've seriously watched the show 6 or 7 times. Plus then I also have just watched my fave snippets...obviously of Nate and Bronwyn. I'm also glad I tried the first three - you weren't even going to bother, because you had to create an account! Aren't you glad I did the hard work first? lol

      You probably should have reread the book before watching - though the only thing I recognize them taking from book two was Maeve's bloody nose, as a potential sign of relapse. And I don't think it was necessarily done to incorporate book two, but to create the opportunity to add her as a suspect, and also to get Bronwyn to ditch school with Nate.

      I had big problems with it too - and it made him a complete sociopath, not just a controlling d-bag of a boyfriend. I struggled with it big-time. Simon killing himself ended up being an unsurprising shock to me, and for the show to turn it into a bit more of a typical thriller was kind of frustrating because having read the book, we obviously knew Jake was involved, and Janae, even if we did not know how the show would portray that.

      I thought Vanessa was hilarious, especially during the scene at Homecoming when they catch her having taken a picture of them in the library. But I also felt really bad for her with what happened when Mrs. Avery was fired.

      I had huge reservations about Nate, I don't think that will surprise ANYONE. But I think the actor pulled it off and became Nate. I just wish they'd fleshed out his and Bronwyn's backstory more. Maybe that's why he did not feel quite right to you? Because things we know about him were not portrayed properly, according to us? lol

      I LOVED that scene! Them dancing and just not giving a fuck was great. And this way Addy still got to say they'll give them something to stare at, while not showing that cafeteria scene after Cooper was outed. THAT was terrible.

      Character-wise, I agree that Addy was stronger earlier in the book. But I think that was also due to Ashton being their to support her. I feel like Ashton really helped Addy move on and Janae could do that to an extent, but not like a sister could.

      My biggest worry is what they did with Jake and the car. Firstly, because one of them really did kill him. We don't know who, obviously, and the gun was just laying on the ground, but someone pulled the trigger when they were fighting for it. At least that's what I want to think, since Jake was shot in the stomach and it seems hard to shoot someone in the stomach when you're all scrambling on the ground trying to reach it at the same time. And even though Nate and Bronwyn were not involved in THAT part, they were involved in whatever happened next. Secondly, did they put Jake in the car and push it off the cliff where Nate and Bronwyn got rid of the laptop? There's a lot of rocks there, seems like the car would be seen. I just don't see Addy and Cooper especially being able to do that, Jake was their best friend. I don't want Nate to be the scapegoat, just because he's been in trouble before. So, that leaves Bronwyn, who would be able to logically tell them, this is what we need to do. But if they did that, they're accomplices now, to whoever killed him. And that makes the show different now. Jake was a murderer and tried to kill Addy, and would have if Janae hadn't swung the bat on him. But this is bigger than that, like they all worked together to hide a body and not a single one of them did anything to help Jake as he was dying. He couldn't have survived, they'd all be in jail because we know the cops would believe him over Murder Club, and he'd say they attacked him and tried to kill him. I truly do not know where they are going to go with this, but I need to find out. And soon. Like, season two, NOW.

    2. Dang. I need to rewatch. And yes I've thought often that it would have been more rewarding if I had reread first. I just didn't want to take the time lol. And then I'd want to reread the sequel... and then all of them. :)

      Yes thank GOD you pushed me to watch. I so might have overlooked this due to Peacock's fuckery. I really didn't want to pull that trigger on Premium, but am so glad I did! And now Vigil!

      Mrs. Avery I don't feel like gets discussed enough. I mean- what do teachers think about that storyline? Is what she did in bounds, out of bounds? Should she have been canned?

      I think you're right. And even just looking at Instagram- yeah he captures that role about as good as he can without dark hair lol. Tough role to fill...

      Yes. They really played up all the stares they got every time something dropped, so to have that cathartic release at the dance was awesome.

      Good point about Ashton.

      Yes. The writers have a TOUGH call on this one. That's why I'm kind of really worried they might cancel. Like, just say we told the story and yes there's that ambiguity but too bad. And I don't feel like they'd straight up adapt book two, given how this ended? But... maybe?? PArt of me thinks Cooper pulled the trigger? But how do you get rid of the VEHICLE? I like the idea of them all having to cover it up. What if they don't KNOW who pulled the trigger? Wasn't Jana in that scrum too? If it just went off... who do you blame???

    3. You should. every time I do, I find another way they honor the book in some little detail. The more I rewatch, the more I appreciate how well-done the show really is.

      I just went for the cheapest option they had, $4.99. I don't need any extra, just constant access to the show because I AM that weirdo who will keep rewatching until we get season 2. Plus, I am sure they're keeping stats on views, so the constant rewatching has to help, right?

      I agree on Avery. She was a huge part of the plan without knowing it, and without her giving everyone detention, their "prank" would have failed. What she did was waaaaaaay out of bounds by having any kind of relationship with a student - even if morally she did the right thing by helping a student who was in need. Unfortunately any teacher who does what she did would be fired. And even if somehow the school didn't fire her, one word from the parents would definitely get her canned. She was more collateral damage and Simon would have ben devastated I think. He did say she was the only teacher he actually liked.

      The more you watch, the more Nate-ish he becomes. And after rewatching multiple times I have realized his hair is dark enough to be called dark, lol. I think it would be intimidating to take on the roles of Bronwyn and Nate. Like, they're THE couple everyone loves the most. Can you imagine feeling pressure to get it right? I watched an interview with the two and they talked about reading the book after getting the roles, and watching the relationship between B and N develop. So, they did their homework!

      Plus, the music in the show really is on point. Like, absolutely perfect.

      I hope they can somehow bring in these side characters that are missing from season one. How else would they use material from book two? Unless they're planning to just use book two stuff with the four, instead of introducing Knox and Phoebe and everyone else? I really hate the whole Maeve and Simon thing, because Maeve and Luis were so good together. But Luis doesn't even exist now, so maybe the Maeve and Janae thing will go somewhere eventually.

      I truly do not think they will cancel it. It seems like it has done pretty well among critics...I just hope people are watching it as obsessively as I have, so it boosts the numbers of watches. I think Cooper and Addy would have hard a really hard time firing the gun, even with everything that had just happened. Janae though? She was ready to beat him to death with the bat so it is possible she did it. But I think with them all on the ground fighting for the gun, it easily could've just gone off if they somehow got to their feet and were still fighting for it. I don't think it will be that anyone INTENTIONALLY shot Jake.

      The big worry for me remains how they got rid of Jake's body and his car. This whole thing really does make them Murder Club for real, because they made everything disappear. And no one did anything to try to save Jake. They were in shock, but they also knew they couldn't. If he survived, he'd say they tried to kill him - though with the XBox as evidence, the cops would see that he and Simon planned it. So Jake can't really claim they tried to off him too, when it clearly would show he was behind it all.

      Basically, I don't know. But season two would reeeeeeeally help answer all of this, lol.

    4. Shows are so good right now. I mean, there are the bombs of course but even if they deviate from the books they can just do so much now with the extended episodes format. And yes it can't hurt! I was honestly going to cancel- in fact, I did- but then Vigil happened (totally a whim) so I reupped for another month. Might as well watch this show again a few times so hopefully it shows up in their rankings :)

      I thought Avery was a huge moral question almost irrespective of the larger plot. Like, she helped the student but SHOULD she have? I honestly wasn't sure. And considering they changed Avery quite a bit from the books (lol) that made it even bigger.

      Maeve and Janae... yeah. The casting there works so that would be an interesting direction. You're right, though... it's all messed up now with missing characters!

      The music is perfect.

      Exactly. I think it went off. And they may not even, again, know whose finger pulled the trigger or even if that can be determined. So they ALL did ha!

      I was thinking about the car after I made my last comment. I guess technically they didn't HAVE to lose the car... I'm not sure the car matters now that I think about it more... although an article I read says the story is he lammed to Tijuana? Is that right? Maybe I missed that at the end. so the "story" is he's still alive? If so, it's weird that his car was sitting out by the woods but they could have easily driven it back I guess, someone wearing gloves, and not an issue? But yes they ARE Murder Club now! And I never thought about the not saving him part. I mean, i just assumed he was gone quickly because chest gunshot wound, but that's an angle as well...

    5. Just constantly have the show running on a device. WE NEED SEASON TWO!!! I also love how much extra content we can get with streaming and shows being longer than 41 minutes. SO much extra can be added in that time.

      Agreed, and it needs more attention than it was given. As a teacher myself, I would want to help a student any way I could, but on the other hand, there are so many issues complicating that. She would absolutely be sued by the parents, and probably lose her teaching certificate altogether. If her cert gets pulled by the state, even if surrounding states have reciprocity, there's no way she can teach anywhere ever again.

      I really love the actress who plays Janae. Her timing is so perfect, she really embodies who I pictured Janae to be in the books. And there has to be some love interest for Maeve with Luis MIA. Plus, Janae being in love with Maeve was pretty important to the early stages, since for a while Maeve was super suspicious. I just really liked the transformation we saw in Luis and it bums me out that he's not part of the show. Honestly, for Maeve as a character though, I am not quite sold on her, she's a lot more aggressive in the show than the book and it is weird.

      Here is the playlist McManus created on Spotify that she posted in 2018 to give a sample of what she was listening to when she wrote OOUIL

      I also found this list for the show, every song and the scene during which it was played:

      All EXCEPT Nate and Bronwyn! Can't forget, they were not there when the gun went off!

      In the TikTok Vanessa made at the end, she said the cops think Jake fled to Mexico, in her words, "dressed as a fucking magician". So, they had to get rid of his body, his phone, and his car. The Tijuana thing I think you're thinking of is during Homecoming when Nate was going to leave. I am SO nervous about this part. I mean yes, Jake was the bad guy and killed Simon. But now the good guys are the bad guys because somehow all three of those things disappeared and we know Jake is not in Mexico. UNLESS he did not really die at the end and they all made a pact together that they'd let him disappear, which seems unlikely since he was shot in the fucking stomach and bled out fast. And no one made a move to save him. OI!

    6. At the risk of making this comment thread longer... :)

      I do feel like they could have explored that more, although I guess that would have detracted from the main plot. And wasn't it an abortion? Like, how do you make that call? Where do you draw the line? And yeah as a teacher you'd be toast, no doubt...

      Janae looked familiar to me but I can't place what show. IMDB says she was in Van Helsing but I only watched a little of that. I wasn't crazy abut Maeve either, honestly, but thought it was just me...

      Thank you for the playlist!!! Don't You Forget About Me leading off... excellent playlist.

      Ah that explains it. I was wondering where I came up with Tijuana! Then I remembered this article I read that mentions it- but it's one of those half assed articles so they might be whacked.

      Anyway yes I like that they are actually- sort of- criminals now in the sense that they really are covering up. It's funny too about a pact- that article mentions that possibility as well. But getting rid of a body is hard! The car maybe doesn't matter if they think he left for Mexico, but that body WILL turn up. And I love the possibilities with them having moral qualms over what they've done! Gah bring on S2 NOW. I need to see them squirm with their moral choices :)

    7. I don't mind at all, there is so much to talk about!

      I agree that anything having to do with Avery after her getting fired would distract from the plot. Much like Simon trading up for secrets, her plot with Vanessa served its purpose and we don't really get to see the fallout. She would make a great red herring suspect for what comes next I'm sure, but her situation is legit serious and I doubt she has time to get revenge on anyone when she is trying to pick up the shattered pieces of her life.

      I'm not sure what it is about Maeve, but she is definitely different from the book. Maybe it's their way of incorporating book two, where she was a central figure. I don't know but I don't like her.

      Thanks for the article. I disagree with their assumption that season two will be based on the sequel - they're going to have to deviate pretty far from it to make the four the main characters still, seeing as how so many book characters are missing. It sounds like it was written by someone who does not know the books very well, in that regard.

      I guess they could have hid the car in the woods somehow, but how would they even get it in there? And getting rid of the body...that's some grade-A crime stuff. They're not wrongly accused anymore and I don't know how the writers would sell them as being heroes we want to root for. I mean, obviously people who have read the books would understand, but the general audience who just stumbled across the show is not going to get it.

    8. Yeah Avery's served her purpose I suppose. She was so unlikable in the early going and then you feel sorry for her some- although I still have niggling doubts about whether she did the right thing? Maybe HELP the student with information/support/ whatever, but DRIVING her to an abortion seems maybe... over the line?

      Not a fan of Maeve.

      Could be. Honestly, I don't want a straight up adaptation of the sequel either, because they've done a fantastic job with THIS book, making us love these characters on screen... they can't just introduce all these new randos now! :)

      I think it can be done, maybe? I mean, Jake WAS an ass so who's going to feel sorry for him? And the gun going off was an accident, more or less... so I think the audience might be sympathetic, but you have a good point.

    9. It's waaaaaaay over the line, unfortunately, which is why teachers are so cautious about helping students with situations that are bigger than our classroom walls. We can pretty much be sued for anything and even if what we are doing is in the best interest of the student, parents would never see it that way.

      I definitely don't want that at all. I want the four to stay the focus, because I love them best. And the show is so well-done so far. They can bring in Phoebe and Knox without too much of a problem I think, but bringing in Luis and Ashton now would be weird and feel forced. I liked Luis' evolution though, so I am bummed he's not part of the show. And they'd need whole new stories as to why they were not around from the start. And Janae served in the Ashton role as well as she could to get where we are now.

      Maybe...I am really anxious about it. Yes Jake was a psychopath who killed Simon and tried to frame them, but they are also not the judge/jury/executioner. No one will understand why they did not get the police, or try to help him. The gun going off can totally be a believable accident, they were all fighting for the gun. But not anything that happened between that moment and the moment they decided to do whatever they did to conceal Jake's death. It is stressing me out, bigtime!

  3. It's great to find a series, both written and television, that you really, really love. Obviously, you have!

  4. i wasn't able to get through your post in one sitting, but i gather you kind of liked this tv-thing?... (LOL)

    1. Which is surprising because I never watch tv! But this book has my whole heart and this's so good.

  5. I stopped when the more 'spoiler' things started because I've yet to watch this yet but you've got me super excited!!!

    1. You have to watch it ASAP! It's SO GOOD! make sure you have the time though. I binged all eight episodes in one night. I could not stop watching.


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