Saturday, May 16, 2015

As You Wish


Rating: 5 Stars


I am absolutely the intended audience for this book. I've seen the movie countless times and can quote it pretty much beginning to end. In itself, this book is actually a beautifully sappy love letter about one of the greatest movies ever made.

And yet, I'm torn. By default, because I love the movie so, this book should automatically get five stars. But strangely there's this feeling I have that compels to give it three stars, but I can't explain why. Something just feels kind of off and I can't for the life of me pinpoint what it is.

Perhaps it's me. I'm not a huge fan of memoirs. They're usually written in a such forced conversational tone where the author is graciously humble about how awesome he or she is in relation to their career, which ultimately gives way to some humblebrags. That happened here sort of, though it wasn't Elwes himself, but fellow cast and crew chiming in at the beginning with how Elwes was perfect for the role, no one else could play Westley, etc.

However, the thing is, they're NOT wrong, it's not bragging, it's a fact. Cary Elwes IS Westley (though sometimes I can't help but look at him and think of Jonah from Twister, who was a grade A d-bag, but he played it well. It concerns me when actors I like play jerks so well, because I wonder if that's who they really are. And I don't want Elwes to be like Jonah, because that means he's NOT like Westley, and that would be devastating to the little girl in me who loves him so.)

My favorite parts all seemed to involve the stories about Andre. He really was a 'gentle giant' and it saddens me that he was in so much pain for most of his later life. But he never had a complaint and soldiered on through it. Perhaps even more perfectly than Elwes played Westley, Andre IS Fezzik. Some of the stories are sad and I hate to think of anyone being unkind to him - especially in regards to the wrestling stories, when other wrestlers would really hit him with chairs because 'he's giant so he can take it."

Anyway, this truly is a must for all who love this movie. For those who are not lovers of the movie or just don't get it, this might be a good way to help you understand all the hype around it and why it is so loved. Now if you'll excuse me from this incoherent rambling, I've got a movie to watch again.

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