Saturday, May 16, 2015

Meet Me in Atlantis


Rating: 5 Stars


What a wild ride. I loved this adventure, and isn't that half the fun - the adventure of getting to wherever you're going, more so than the end point itself? I appreciated the author's change of mindset, going from someone who wanted to find out what made people so obsessed with Atlantis, to almost becoming obsessed with finding it himself. I find the subject itself fascinating, and wish I had the resources he has to go traveling from place to place, dutifully following one lead, then another, then another. He is objective, never giving one theory precedence over another, finding flaws in each as he weighs the evidence supporting each. I'm quite jealous of the people he meets and the places he sees throughout his travels. 

At the risk of sounding like some kook, much like so many of those who search for Atlantis have been labeled, I want Atlantis to be real. I want it to be a place that someone finds in my lifetime, and we can be in awe of one of (maybe) many of these ancient, thriving civilizations that rival our world today. The world is such a vast place, can we really be so arrogant as to believe we know everything about this planet, that we've uncovered every secret it holds? Hardly. So, yes it may be crazy, but Atlantis might really be out there, somewhere. Wouldn't that be something

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