Saturday, May 16, 2015

Last Dinner on the Titanic


Rating: 5 Stars

Found this by accident as I browsed the shelves at the library yesterday, but what an interesting read on many levels. Firstly, the 15 year old in me will remain forever obsessed with all things Titanic (Kate and Leo pretty much cemented that - they only had each other!) Secondly, I enjoy history in general, and thirdly, I love food.

The author provides not only recipes based on surviving menus from that last night as well as tips and substitutions, but brief history of the ship, some notable passenger dinner parties, proper etiquette should you want to throw your own Titanic dinner party, and much more. There were many photographs included that I had not seem before, though many came from the Olympic, Titanic's sister. There are even passenger biographies included if you truly want to recreate the final meal, complete with instructions for invitations, formal wear, napkin folding, and wine suggestions.

If only I had a sous chef.

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