Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reading Goals

So every year on Goodreads you can set your reading goal for the year. Last year I started June 1st (two reasons: that is when the Omaha Public Library Summer Reading program starts, and that is also when I realized Goodreads HAS a yearly goal.) I set both goals low, I think 25 each, because I was not sure how much reading I would get done with a little one scooting around. but gradually I had to keep upping the goals. The OPL program ended in August and I ended meeting my (upped) goal of 45 books. I ended up changing my Goodreads goal repeatedly and ended with a goal of 110, and reading 111 books.

Fast forward to today, where I currently have read 120 books, out of my goal for the year of 200. I am not sure what to set my goal at for the summer, I am thinking 50. A lot of people ask how I have so much time to read when I have a toddler running around. Pretty much, I read while she naps and I read for a while after she has gone to bed for the night. Every other weekend and on Wednesdays when she is away from me, I spend a lot of time reading also. It helps keep my mind off of the fact that she is not at home. It is not 100% effective, because I still miss her like crazy, but it is the best solution so far. So, there you have it, that's the secret to my success: I never do anything outside of play with Eleanor and work, except read (and occasionally clean!)

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