Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summer Reading!

OPL's Summer Reading Program starts today. In 2013 I won the contest and a $500 gift certificate to Green Street Cycles, where I got a sweet new bike. Last year I didn't win anything. This year I WILL WIN! I am not fond of how the system is set up this year: when you log ten hours of reading, your name is entered into the drawing. Then as you earn badges, your chances of winning is increased. The problem is, many badge codes are listed online on the website, so it is easy for people to cheat and to just grab as many codes as possible. It is easy to cheat on the logging hours as well (and also a super low amount: 10 HOURS! I will read that this weekend while Eleanor is visiting her father, seriously!)

But anyway, I decided on 40 books for the summer, and I will do my best to get as many of these badges as possible because not winning stinks. And I love reading, so there's that too.

Happy Reading!

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