Saturday, May 16, 2015

Witnesses to Mystery


Rating: 5 Stars


Since I'm not Catholic, I'm not supposed to be interested in holy relics. Well, too bad Martin Luther, because these objects are fascinating!

Okay, so maybe they're fascinating on multiple levels, both religious - seriously, could this have belonged to Jesus?! - and historical - seriously, this object has survived for nearly 2,000 years?!

This book is certainly a work of heart. The author spent hours and days and weeks and months and it shows. The photographs are beautiful, the text and side texts are well-written, and I was left wanting to see them in person for myself. Clearly ample amounts of research went into each object, in order to determine how it might have gone from Christ's burial place to whichever far-flung corner of Europe that now claims it.

No matter what testing is done in our lifetime, we may likely never know for sure of these items are authentic, but the author gives proof for his beliefs, acknowledging when necessary it's utterly inconclusive. I highly recommend this one.

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