Saturday, May 16, 2015

Parenting Your Powerful Child


Rating: 4 Stars


I myself was a powerful child. I know what a handful I could at times be for my mom, and I myself now have a daughter so...naturally it is possible she too could become a powerful child, hence why I was interested in this title.

When you get past the cheesy, forced conversationalist writing style, there are many good points. Dr Leman provides examples and anecdotes - I just could do without his childhood stuff. We get it, you were a naughty, bratty little shit when you were younger. You say so IN EVERY BOOK. Well, both that I've read so far ('The Birth Order Book' being the other, though I enjoy the original title, 'Abel Had it Coming' much more.) It just gets repetitive after a while. I do see value in the book however, as I have a Master's in behavior disorders and work exclusively with those children in a self-contained classroom. I couldn't help but smile when Dr Leman mentioned the kid being diagnosed as 'operational defiant' when all he needed was the parent to really talk. In some cases that is true; for my students at the 'revenge' stage however, the diagnosis is quite correct. I'd like to give a copy of this book to parents each year of the new students who join my class. It could go a long way toward helping many.

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