Thursday, July 23, 2020

Book Talk | Dismantling White Supremacy Day 26


I began this book last week and would love to have discussions based on the prompts provided within the book. The book is set up so that after each day's reading, there are a handful of prompts to respond to. Feel free to respond to as many or as few as you like. I would love for this to be a discussion and a place where we can learn and grow together. Please be honest, because that is the only way anything will change.

Additionally, I have been compiling a list of books under the #BlackLivesMatter Reading List tab. I am usually adding books daily that I find, or are recommended by others. Please leave a comment on that page if you have titles to add. I hope you can find titles on this list that you will learn from as well.

Day Twenty-Six Prompts

1. To what extent have your values helped your ability to practice antiracism?

2. What contradictory values do you hold that hinder your ability to practice antiracism?

3. What new core values and beliefs do you feel you need to integrate after doing this work in order to better practice lifelong antiracism?

4. How has your desire to be seen as a good person with white privilege prevented you from actually being "good"?

Let's talk!


  1. I like to think that I always try to treat people with respect. Usually everything else falls into place based on that. What I've learned is that the desire to treat people with respect isn't enough. I have to be much more intentional with my actions in order to truly put this into practice.

    1. I have always thought that I have done the same in treating everyone with respect. It is those words and actions that we often don't even think about (for example, sayings like 'the peanut gallery') that end up being offensive because we don't know the history of where those sayings actually come from. I agree it is not enough to want to be respectful, and we have to be intentional and truly think about what we are saying and doing.


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