Friday, June 17, 2016

Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time


Rating: 4 Stars

What a charming little story! I was vaguely familiar with the exploits of Esther but never knew her story from start to now. My friend Chris sent my daughter and I this book a few days ago and I read it in just a few hours. This is for a couple reasons - the first being that it is an easy read due to its conversational tone. The second being, who doesn't love piggies? Okay, so clean ones that don't have mud and muck all over them, at least.

The writing is not anything academic of course, but it is a sweet story about how the lives of this couple changed when little Esther came stealthily into their lives. Not bad for a piggy that would grow up to be over 600 pounds. Steve is initially conned into caring for Esther when a high school friend says she is a mini pig and won't grow much bigger than 75 pounds. The high school friend is also a big fat liar and Esther is in fact a commercial pig who will become a giant. Luckily, Steve finds this out AFTER he springs the news on his boyfriend that they are now the proud parents of a little piggy, and from there chaos and hilarity ensues.

I can't even imagine changing my life in the dramatic way these guys did, for a living being that is not human. I mean, I completely changed my life when I was pregnant and had my baby, but that was for another human being. For a pig? Never occurred to meet. But then you read the book (or follow on Facebook and know already), and you get it. You might also not really be willing to go to the lengths these two men do to keep their girl, but you definitely understand why and can respect them for it.

AND not only do they throw caution to the wind and go out on a limb to make an offer on a farm they can't really afford, they get the farm and turn it into an animal sanctuary to save other animals who might otherwise have been in a less fortunate situation then Esther. While giving up meat cold-turkey.

You, gentlemen, are stronger than I.

The only thing that really bugged me was Steve's constant parentheses. We get it, you're the tad more high-string one. It's cool.

Definitely recommend this if you are in need of a little pick-me-up in a world that looks awfully bleak right now.

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