Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 Reading Goals

I don't really know if I should bother with these anymore, since I think it is unrealistic for me to believe I will ever get all my reviews done. On the other hand, I might, right?


1. Read 250 books - Same as last year, though I passed this by 54 books in 2022.

2. Get my TBR below 2,000 books - This is doable, especially if I read more books from my backlog this year, which is my next goal. Plus it is time for another culling of the list to see what I am no longer interested in reading.

3. Read more from my backlog - I went on massive YA thriller binges this year and I am not sorry at all. I read some really great fucking YA books and look forward to more in long as I balance it more efficiently with what is on my TBR.

4. Write some reviews - Seriously. ANY REVIEWS. I started getting more comfortable with mini reviews last year, so I do think this will go much more smoothly in 2023.

Have you set any goals for yourself this year? Let me know!

Happy Reading,


  1. I'm not really setting myself any blogging/reading goals this year beyond my GR goal which is at 52 books. I've been gone for so long (and had MANY false starts when coming back to blogging) so I just want to focus on actually getting back into blogging and catching up with folks! :)

    Good luck with your goals this year.

    1. Excellent plan, so glad to see you again! Sometimes those breaks are necessary, you never want this to be a chore or something that feels like a drag. I set the goals, but don't stress out if I don't meet them. More like, targets I aim for and I might hit them...but probably not, lol

  2. I was bad about minireviews in 2021, but that's probably better than no reviews at all....20% of my books went un-reviewed last year. :(

    Good luck with your TBR goal. I've imposed a book-buying ban on myself for the time being.

    1. Thank you! I am sitting at like, 400 books still needing to be reviewed. It's insane. Luckily a lot of them can be grouped together, so they can be mini reviews and not 400 different reviews.


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