Thursday, August 31, 2023

Eleanor Reads! August Edition

Each month Eleanor and I share the chapter books we read. We've been reading chapter books since before Kindergarten and her attention span as a four year old was definitely something to brag about. Eleanor was born a reader and that makes my heart so, so happy.

Currently Reading Together

Read Together

Currently Reading Independently*

*Eleanor has begun reading more than one book at a time. I can't imagine where she got that idea from.

Eleanor's Independent Reads

Eleanor's Rereads

Eleanor's DNFs

Do the kiddos in your life have an interest in any of these?

Happy Reading,
Eleanor and Sarah


  1. It is cool to see how she's growing into quite the mature and diverse reader! Great job to you for fostering that love. Also, I think Eleanor and I share a love for Harry Styles lol

    1. Right?! I love seeing how her interests evolve and also what her comfort books are. Like the Wayside School books; she rereads those so often, they are practically falling apart. She will also fight anyone over Harry, lol.

      It's funny how her love for him and 1D started. Last year we were driving somewhere, listening to Spotify and some random daily mix. Night Changes came on and I remembered really loving that song when it came out. Eleanor liked it and asked who it was. I saw it was 1D and told her they were an English/Irish boyband but they'd broken up. She asked to hear more of their songs and I wondered how many other 1D songs that I knew, but didn't know it was them, besides What Makes You beautiful because EVERYONE knows that song. A few songs later As It Was came on and Eleanor started freaking out about how much she loves Harry and how Mr Kenneth always plays it at the studio during warm-ups. When I told her Harry had been in 1D, it was all over. Our lives have revolved around them ever since. We saw Louis twice in June and have VIP Lounge/floor seats for Niall next July.


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