Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Goodreads Challenge

As I am sitting here unable to sleep, and it is nearly midnight on the last day of 2015, I realize I have read a TON of books in the last 365 days. I successfully completed my Goodreads Challenge this year. My goal was 200 and I surpassed that, reading a total of  238. Now, I do have to confess, there were a few that were relegated to the 'Did Not Finish' pile, and so I can not say with total honesty that all 238 were actually completed. The problem is, Goodreads only has a 'To-Read', 'Currently Reading', and 'Read' list. If only there was an official 'Did Not Finish' list, the counts would be more accurate. But I digress. Even with the DNFs, I still met and surpassed my goal.

I know it surprises some people to find out how much I read, especially because I have a very active toddler. Here's my secret: I'm a very fast reader, and I utilize nap and bed time to my advantage. Some of my most favorite times of day are when Babe and I are curled up in bed, she sleeping soundly on my arm, me with a book or my Kindle in the other hand.

So now, with two minutes left until 2016 comes to the Midwest, I am pondering my new goal. I know 200 is doable, as I have done it. Is 250? I guess we will find out.

Here's to happy reading in the new year!


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