Friday, June 30, 2023

Eleanor Reads! June Edition

Each month Eleanor and I share the chapter books we read. We've been reading chapter books since before Kindergarten and her attention span as a four year old was definitely something to brag about. Eleanor was born a reader and that makes my heart so, so happy.

Currently Reading Together

Read Together

Currently Reading Independently*

*Eleanor has begun reading more than one book at a time. I can't imagine where she got that idea from.

Eleanor's Independent Reads

Eleanor's Rereads

Eleanor's DNFs

Do the kiddos in your life have an interest in any of these?

Happy Reading,
Eleanor and Sarah


  1. I always love seeing all those chapter books. Reminds me of the times when my boys were little.

    1. I love seeing her interests evolve - though I think One Direction is here to stay, and I am 100% okay wth that.

    2. It's not bad when they take over some things from their childhood into adulthood.

    3. For sure; I still love New Kids on the Block. I was like, six, I think when I first listened to them.

    4. Shows our age. I was already a grown-up. I think my son might have been six. LOL

    5. And that's totally fine, I am 40 now! I feel like I am 17, and probably act that way too. Oops.

    6. You could have been my daughter. I'm celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary this weekend, and I was together with my husband for three years before we got married.

    7. Thank you. We had a barbecue with about twenty friends and family. It was lovely.


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