Saturday, August 1, 2015

Well Boo!

Also, a quick update on the summer reading programs...

A few hours after I posted about the Ralston library summer program, I received a phone call that I did, in fact, win the prize package that I wanted. Eleanor gets the Monsters, Inc. puzzle and we get to have a fun day at the Durham sometime soon - hopefully to see the Lost Egypt exhibit!

As for OPL's program, it officially ended yesterday. To be entered into the drawing for prizes, you are required to read 10 hours. For every ten hours after that, you level up, however many you continue to read. Unfortunately it is all on the honor system, and I am a little miffed that on Thursday I was in second place, at level 25 and the person in first place was at level 27. Then, magically on Friday morning I was bumped to 4th place by two people who had not been on the list ALL SUMMER - the first place holder claiming level 35 and the second place holder claiming level 34. What a bunch of baloney! I would be far more upset and likely to make a bigger fuss elsewhere besides my blog if the level you are on determines you chances for winning, but this is more so appealing to my competitive streak that hates losing to possible cheaters. Now, who knows, maybe they did actually read all those hours (350!), but why wait until the very last day to post your hours? Just kind of shady.

But ah well, I set my goal of 40 books and read 48, and read a grand total of 260 hours and 50 minutes. Not too shabby.

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