Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Line Friday!

Hooray for First Line Friday!

This week my first line is from Tracy Borman's amazing and wonderful new book, The Private Lives of the Tudors.

" 'I do not live in a corner. A thousand eyes see all I do.' This telling lament by Elizabeth I begs the question: did the Tudors have a private life at all? As monarchs, they were constantly surrounded by an army of attendants, courtiers, ministers, and place-seekers. Even in their most private moments, they were accompanied by a servant specifically appointed for the task."

Okay, so sue me, it is a couple sentences. Leave a comment below with your first line this week, then head over to my fellow First Liners' blogs to see what they have for you.

Rachel - Bookworm Mama

Robin - Robin's Nest

Happy Reading!


  1. Hello Sarah! I love English history, and if only I had more time I would love to read more non-fiction books on this topic :-)

    My first line is from The Scarlet Coat, by Angela K Couch:

    "The last rays of sun faded into twilight, and the wind whispered through the trees, as if warning Rachel to turn back."

    See you next time :-)

    1. Welcome to the group, Katie!

      As you will quickly see, I am OBSESSED with non-fiction, and the UK pretty much from the Celts/Picts/Scots up through the end of the Tudor dynasty. I care little from anything beyond that though, perhaps it becomes too modern? :)

      Thanks for coming by!

    2. I forgot to mention that I will have PLENTY of recommendations for you if you ever find the time for some British history :)

  2. Hello Sarah! Welcome Katie!

    My first line is from Inside Story by Susan Page Davis.

    3:00 P.M., MARCH 7

    “Uh, Claudia? That gorilla is looking at me.”

    1. Hi Caryl, thank you for stopping by! I am very intrigued by your first line and want to know what happens next!

      (I am not very familiar with G+ and navigating it, do you have a blog that I am somehow missing when I click on your link?)

  3. My first line is from Surround Me: Revolutionary Faith by Marguerite Martin Gray:

    Atlantic Ocean
    May 1773

    "His hands tightly gripped the railing, turning his knuckles a startling white compared to his wind-chapped tanned skin."

    Happy reading and happy Friday!

    1. Happy Friday Heather! Thank you for stopping by :) I relate especially well to this line right now - my hands are so dry from this weather, OWWW!

  4. I've often wondered that about monarchs and even the wealthy from the age of valets and ladies maids.
    After I catch up on blogging and reviewing, I'm diving into A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz...
    April 1777
    What cannot be cured must be endured.

    1. Such a fantastic line! And a pretty good motto to live by.

      I have read a couple great books now that look at the lives not only of the monarchs but the men and women who served them. This one was great, and I can recommend a couple others if you ever want to wander over to the non-fiction side of things :)

    2. I'll get you interested in non-fiction yet! Just you wait and see! :D

  5. My first line is from The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green.
    Paris, France 1719

    There it was again. Suddenly wide awake, Julianne covered her ears.

  6. There is a distinct difference between a heroine with a promised happy ending and a prodigal who must design her own. Pepper Basham - The Thorn Keeper

    1. Hey Rachel, thanks for the visit. I keep seeing this book on every blog, it's like you all are trying to woo me to the fiction side of the library ;)

    2. Lol, but I love my non-fiction so! (And have you seen the photos of the stacks of books that have found their way to my home recently?? I can't abandon my babies!!) :D


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