Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome, 2017!

Despite my completely legitimate fear about 2017 being terrible - a fair statement given what is coming January 20th - I am excited about all the awesome books I am about to read; books that I put off for the last few weeks because I was desperately trying to reach my 2016 goal of 250 books.

This year I am going to scale back said goal a little bit, as I do want to continue to focus on quality reviews and adding different features to my blog. I also have a few sub-goals I am going to be working on.

So, for 2017, my new reading goals are as follow:

1. Read a total of 150 books.

2. Read at least one book about each president not named Washington, Lincoln, or Kennedy.

3. Read at least five books about the Civil War.

Wish me luck!

Happy New Year and Happy Reading,


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