Saturday, June 8, 2019

Heeeeeeeere's Scotty!

I don't even know where to begin. Yesterday was amazing.

I mentioned in a previous post that The Durham Museum is opening a new exhibit today. The centerpiece of the exhibit is Scotty, who is  comparable to Sue, the most complete specimen ever found. About 90% of Sue was recovered, compared to 65% in Scotty's case. The two dinosaurs are very close in terms of size and weight, but scientists speculate that Scotty could have been bigger than Sue. Unfortunately, due to missing parts, it is hard to know for sure. Either way, I have been incredibly lucky in that I have seen Sue TWICE (once at the Field Museum in Chicago and once here, unsurprisingly, at the Durham when Eleanor was a month old), and now Scotty. Both are absolutely amazing. Though, if it helps to imagine that Scotty might be a bit bigger, I will say this: the museum could not fit Scotty into the normal exhibit area where Sue was staged and they actually had to open up a bigger area that is not typically accessible to patrons. Regardless, both are amazing and must-sees if you are any kind of dinosaur enthusiast.

The Durham offered a two-day Members-Only viewing yesterday and Thursday. Eleanor and I ended up going not once, but twice! First we went with our friend Jessica, then later with another friend Charissa, and her kiddos. It was just as awesome the second time around. I didn't want to leave and neither did Eleanor. Or Jess, or Charissa, or any of us, actually. It really was such a cool experience.

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Here we go!

The exhibit was great and had tons of interactive displays for kids and adults alike. There were also three large screens showing various dinosaurs running around the museum, and even inside it. Eleanor loved running back and forth with them.

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Varying sizes of t. Rex skulls

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Eleanor checking out some of the artifacts.

To the right, mostly out of the picture, is a leg bone cast belonging to a Triceratops. When I read the placard about the damage done to the bone by a t. Rex, Eleanor hugged the bone tightly and told Cera she loved her (Cera, as in the bratty dino from The Land Before Time. Not coincidentally, after I saw that movie for the first time, I would only spell my name Cera instead of Sarah. My first grade teacher was terribly patient with me, bless her soul.)

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Scotty and me. Seeing these fossils on display really made me regret not pursuing paleontology in college.

The exhibit will be here until September, so if it is coming to a museum near you, I highly recommend going! FYI for my UK friends, it will be in Edinburgh! HERE is the website for the exhibit if you want to check out where it is going next.

The exhibit is simply breathtaking. Especially when you come into the display area and see Scotty for the first time. Scotty is truly beautiful.

I have only one complaint, and that is that the gift shop only had dinosaur books geared toward children. There are so many great titles that could also be available for adults!

Did you love dinosaurs as a kid? Were you one who grew out of it, or have you remained a child in an adult body like me when it comes to these absolutely amazing creatures?

Happy Reading!


  1. As I've said before I'm a HUGE fan of dinosaurs from an early age. Oddly my favourites have always been the veggisaurs - particularly Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Other faves include the Ichthyosaurs, Pterodactyl and, naturally, Archaeopteryx. I used to practice their names endlessly as a child and just loved how poetic they sounded.

    1. I've always been partial to the Velociraptor, and the Tricertops, and my buddy T Rex. I loved practicing the names when I was little too, even though now as an adult I stumble over them sometimes!

  2. I'm so jealous! I love my dinosaurs! I'm annoyed that it will only go to Edinbugh-why can't it come to Glasgow!!! To get to Edinburgh it is two buses and a train or two trains and a bus! It is pretty expensive too sadly. Darn!

    1. That stinks, because it is amazing. Like, so breathtaking when you see him and just, wow. Last time I looked at the website there was not a date listed next to Edinburgh. Maybe you can convince them to come to Glasgow instead!

  3. What is it about kids and dinosaurs? I remember taking my grandkids to the La Brea Tarpits some years ago and my grandson's favorite exhibit was the huge rebuilt dinosaurs.

    1. I would LOVE to see the La Brea Tarpits!! Dinosaurs are the coolest, says the 12 year old trapped in a 36 year old body.


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