Saturday, November 21, 2020

Tackling the TBR Week 43: Nov 15 - Nov 21, 2020


My TBR has been out of control for YEARS. Then in January of 2019 I started tracking weekly my true reading/acquiring habits, and voila! I have been able to keep on top of things a little bit better. I may never get below 1,000 books, but at least I won't be topping out over 5,000! When a book cover is linked, it goes to the review here on my blog.

I will be posting on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the last day of the month. Feel free to join in if you'd like!

If a book is linked in the 'Books Read' section, you can click the cover to go to my review.


Previous Week's TBR Total: 3,070

Currently Reading

51542229The Lost Pianos of Siberia4912849645046797

42283773512564464504671652756711. sx318 sy475
54498692. sx318

Books Added to TBR

Books Removed from TBR: 1

Books Read

Books DNF-ed

Duplicates Removed: 0

New TBR Total: 3,068

Any of these catch your eye? Have you already read any? Let me know!

Happy Reading!



  1. American Rebels has me interested. Good luck with clearing some of these out! :)

    1. I thought so too, but it has been such a slog to read and I don't know why! It could be my mindset. I have kind of burned myself out on Revolutionary War stuff, but I started the book before that happened, so I feel like I owe it to the author to finish it. It's good, but I am just checked-out on the topic.

    2. Yeah I was reading some Revolutionary War and early history stuff too a few years back. Eventually you need a break...

    3. Yes!! I recently took up reading about the Holocaust again and man, I will need a break from these books even faster.

  2. Replies
    1. I am a mood reader to the core, so I have to have a variety going at once to keep myself reading. It's a lot easier for me to do as a non-fiction reader, I could not do this with fiction, I would mix up plots and characters, probably.

    2. Ohhhhhhh. That makes so much more sense. If I read multiple Fiction books at once I can only read 4 at a time, maximum!

    3. I don't read a whole lot of fiction, despite the reviews I have been posting recently. So I have my own little system, but it would definitely break down if I threw a lot of fiction into the mix.

  3. you have some great looking books. good job on reducing your total. i know it's very hard not to go click crazy. :-) i am trying hard not to add a lot and worked on reading some sitting on my kindle in documents.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Thank you! I am trying to refrain from going nuts adding books to my TBR here at the end of the month, with it being a loooooong weekend for Thanksgiving.


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