Wednesday, March 31, 2021

State of The ARC #33


State of the ARC is a monthly feature hosted by Evelina at Avalinah's Books - and now me, too! I took over temporary hosting duties back in early 2020. A couple months ago Evelina asked if I would like to co-host and of course I said yes! If you are new to the meme, you can check out the guidelines HERE.

Links go to my review. The majority of the ARCs I receive are through NetGalley. Some have come from publicists, or were offered to me from a publisher who specifically approved me for it on NetGalley; I will always note in the review how I acquired the ARC.


Currently Reading
The Killer of the Princes in the Tower - April, 2021
Valcour - April, 2021
Never Greater Slaughter - May, 2021
The Girl Least Likely - June, 2021

Maiden Voyages - August, 2021
The Real Valkyrie - August, 2021


Finished, Review to Come
53084465. sx318 sy475
Anna Komnene - April, 2020

5135206552756711. sx318 sy47551542229The Lost Pianos of Siberia
Hunting the Last Great Pirate - May, 2020
The Brothers York - June, 2020
The Deviant's War - June, 2020
The Lost Pianos of Siberia - August, 2020

Juror Number 2 - November, 2020
Between Two Kingdoms - February, 2021

Review or Feedback Sent
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When I first started blogging my monthly State of the ARC I felt like I was drowning in ARCs. My main goal was to get my NetGalley feedback ratio above 80% and thanks to this meme, I slowly but surely clawed my way up. At my highest I was at 97%. I am currently at 91%.

How are you doing with your ARC goals? Let's talk ARCs!

Happy Reading

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  1. Phew! I finally finished mine. :)

  2. You're always killing me with all the awesome history. I'm curious about so many of these including that pirate one...

    1. I ended up liking it far more than I thought I would, as I was completely unfamiliar with the pirate featured here. He was a bad bad man, as they were and still are. Still, a pretty decent read.


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