Saturday, December 31, 2022

Best of the Best | My 5-Star Reads of 2022

Here we are, the end of another year for some really fantastic reads. I read a ton both for myself and with Eleanor. I am including those books as well, because Eleanor and I have read some great ones. You'll find my usual non-fiction goodies, and YA deliciousness. In fact, there is a TON of YA. When going over the list, I found I had tons of four star reads for non-fiction, but YA thrillers is where it was at for me in 2022. Here they are, in no particular order.

My Reads

Reads with Eleanor

Have you read any of these, or are they on your TBR? Any catch your eye for 2023? Let me know!

Happy Reading!


  1. TWO of those are on my 'To Read' list.... I *might* get to one of them this year - possibly!

    1. Anglo-Saxons & Alfred's Britain.

    2. Excellent. Both are fantastic, obviously. I will forever read anything I can get my hands on about Alfred. Without him, Athelstan could not have done what he did, and England might look very different today as a result.

    3. I expect to be scheduling in some early English history this year. Not sure what yet (or what period). There will definitely some ancestry stuff along the way. I need far more background knowledge than I presently have.... [muses]

    4. Hooray! I have some great Anglo-Saxony stuff and more on Alfred, if you ever need more ;)


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