Thursday, April 13, 2023

First Line Friday #161

First Line Friday is hosted once again by Carrie at Reading is My Superpower. You can visit HERE to go directly to the FLF page of her blog.

"The Mason House of Degener, Texas, was like the corpse of an old monster, too strange and feared for most to approach it, much less attempt to bury it."

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  1. "A cold touch woke him from a dreamless sleep. It was the hand of the boy lying next to him, tossed by the roll of the ship in the night sea. The palm was cold, the fingers stiff. The boy was dead." Amistad by David Pesci.

    1. I've eyed it for years but don't think I could actually read it.

    2. It's not too bad that way. A bit harsh in places (plus a smattering of N words) but no doubt VERY toned down from reality. Around half or more of the book covers the court cases brought to decide the question of them being property or people. It was very well done.

    3. Good to know. I'll keep it in mind...but there's so much ahead of it, lol

  2. I'm currently reading Shielding the Baby by Laura Scott. The first line is: "Shots fired." Have a great week!


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