Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Would You Rather... | #19


I began posting this back in 2018 and thought I would bring it back, given that my motivation to blog has returned with force. You might recognize some from prior use, but I am changing up which ones are paired together to give a variety of choices.

There's no real criteria or guidelines. Choose the nook you would love most if given a choice, justify it however you'd like.

Nook A

Nook B

Which one do you love most?

Happy Reading!


  1. Ooooh, *difficult* one! After LOTS of thought I'd have to plump with Nook A for 2 reasons - first you can 'hide' in there and be so quietly engrossed in a book that you become effectively invisible... and second I'm TOTALLY intrigued by that small door under the stairs.... WHAT... IS... IN... THERE! I *need* to KNOW!!

    1. I would also go with B. It's just so cozy. That little door has always driven me crazy because I am dying to know what's behind it.


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